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I needed this after that 3 mile run today. Still sub30 on the 5k but I'm shooting for that 9 minute mile! I have faith in my merits, I know I'll make it :) @yogitea Teatagtuesday Musclerecovery Yogitea
Ehh, y'all are prolly due a good sunglasses, in the car selfie. ENJOY! And just because I was up at 430 this morning doesn't mean I did shit with my hair. I had more important priorities, like reading! EffedUpHairDontCare Selfie Sunglasses Tuesday Nerd
Yea. 425 am is really early. I'm not going to be so bright and cheerful at 425 pm. Damn defective rooster, it is NOT EVEN CLOSE to dawn. Get your shit together man! DamnRooster Defective Awake Early GoodMorning FuckOff
Is it just Monday?! JK! I need to load these up an do some recycling. Been collecting these since August. @rocktowndistill
Apparently I'm collecting apples. I forget that I have one at work and I bring another, then don't get to eat it, and repeat!! I found one of those in my desk drawer. Oopps! That one is going home to the chickens. Anappleaday JustinsAlmondButter Yogitea Forgetful ChickenFood AfternoonSnackAttack Apples
Grass fed chickens are the best chickens! This is why their yolks are so awesome Sideyardchickens Backyardchickens RubyTheRooster Grassfed HomeGrown ChickenYard ScratchAndPeck
Well it is going to be a long day on chainsaw running, so breakfast is about 90% paleo, but still 100% clean. Needed the carbs from the white potato. Thanks to Pinterest I now know how to make hash browns using the waffle iron. And I can't help myself - I like big yolks and I can not lie! My side yard chickens produce the biggest, richest yolks. Breakfastofchampions Sideyardchickens Bacon Hashbrowns Paleo NotPaleoPerfect Hashbrowns Eggs CleanEating
Kobe sushi chef is AMAZING! Wondeful sushi and cute fruit!! Datenight Sushi CuteFruit Kobe LittleRock
Full on Paleo meal tonight! Pan "fried" pork chops, Paleo gravy (pan drippings, coconut milk, and a tsp tapioca flour), homemade greens trio (collards, kale, and turnip) with onions, bacon and hot sauce, and oven roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes. I put half of this plate up for lunch tomorrow and I'm still STUFFED!!! Paleo Whatsfordinner Porkchops PaleoGravy SweetPotatoes EatClean IAmStuffed
One of the best parts of being a runner is all the stretching afterwards. Stretching Runnergirl Itisagoodburn
Monday HowIWantToBe NotOneToRemember Snowwhite SorryNotSorry
Clouds to the wear of LR this afternoon. Captured from the 29th Fl of the Simmons Tower in downtown. Littlerock Clouds Nofilter Instarkansas frontalboundary
I was trying really hard to convince myself that a good run wouldn't make me feel better. Good thing I didn't listen to myself! Sweatyselfie Halfmarathontraining Runnergirl Runnershigh
Arlie is standing on his platform swing. Surfing Fearless PaltformSwingTherapy Sensory HeIsASeeker
This is how Arlie waits on his Halloween cookies to bake! SpoonerBoard Patience PumpkinCookies HappyBoy Halloween Cookies
Someone is scared of the storm MilaMoose Dogsofinstagram ThunderAndLightning
He got me FlowersThatSparkle !! He knows me so well!! ;-) Marriage  ItsMyAnniversary 4YrsToday 101010 mylove
MyGIRL Schoolpic 2ndGrader Myheartlivesoutsidemybody
Someone lost a tooth at school today! YAY!! Y'all know what that means?! ToothFairyVisit MoneyForTeeth
There WAS some bacon on this foil that I was going to take a pic of and caption with some witty comment about swine and breakfast of champions and such, but before I knew it I had eaten it all. HappyFriday Bacon Breakfastofchampions ItsMyAnniversary
My other most favorite boy in the world! Schoolpic 6thgrader Sohandsome Myheartlivesoutsidemybody
Ooohhh how I LOVE this! Schoolpic 2ndGrader Sohandsome Myheartlivesoutsidemybody
TBT  so this happened a few years ago, 4 exactly, as of tomorrow. I love this man in so many ways that words can't describe. Marriage  EndearingLove HaventKilledHimYet LoveHim 101010
Could you pass me some vacation, please? Thursday NotReallyLate ThoughtAboutIt Thirstythursday NeedAVacation
Yoga Flexibility RunnersDayOff Stretching Muscles LookWhatICanDo NoseToKnee
Colbertnation Arkansas YouKnowItReallyHappens Meth
Forrealthough Savethetatas SeriousGram KomenAR RaceForTheCure
EffinMonday Monday Wine
Truth Compassion
Gettin' there!! 9minmileorbust
PreraceSelfie KomenAR Raceforthecure
Finished in 30:06 and I got a medal!! KomenAR Raceforthecure Runnergirl RunningJunk
My a$$ draws to much attention on it's own, so no tutu, but I will totally rock this silly hat in the race! Raceforthecure KomenAR Runnergirl
Woooo that's a CHILLY start to the 2014 KomenAR Raceforthecure
Making the best of a bad situation. Nopower Candles Kindarelaxing
Say what you will, I still love my company and our commitment to people! Powerofthepeople Linemen Loveyouguys
@purplelynn HAPPY FRIDAY!
SoWrongYetSORight Repost from @mikenewton1968 with @repostapp — It's here.
Tree on the power line and blocking the road out of the neighborhood. This is pretty consistent through the rest of the neighborhood too. SheridanAR Stormdamage
Is there a use for Hickory nuts? Besides denting cars and scaring us when they drop on top of the chicken coop's tin roof. HickoryNuts Countryproblems
Breakfastofchampions Bacon & Coffee BringOnThursday ImReady
I will forever giggle when I see $5 bills 5DollarBillMurray Billmurray
I could get down with that... We can call it Breakfast !! Repost from @angryorchard with @repostapp — In honor of NationalAppleMonth , we'll be sharing fun apple and Cider facts throughout October! Did you know this one? FunFact AngryOrchard HardCider
All 437 members of the Sheridan School District Band Program. My boy is on the 40 yd line in the front row. SheridanAR SchoolBand Proudmama
Please keep your hands and feet inside the bus at all times. CrazyTrain Buckleup
Once in awhile I get an absolutely perfect avocado, which I then smother in sea salt and pepper, and eat it with a spoon! Avacado Cleaneating AfternoonSnackAttack
Who says that that's Settling ?!? Sometimes that as good as a vacation ?
I kinda thought it might be the SecondMonday this week. Sheesh
There's always something to sing about, of for nothing else but a memory. SingLoud SingProud
I couldn't help myself. Snapchathumor Fancy
2 of my favorite beverages! And one was bottled by one of my favorite people! Birthdaybeverages @rocktowndistill @purplelynn
Great day for a wedding ;-) Birthdayselfie
Y'all have no idea how happy it makes me know that he's interested in playing music ???
Because drinking coffee while wearing a race t-shirt and masquerade mask are part of our version of normal.
My Babyboy I'm only as tall as him in this pic because I have on boots and I stood on a root!
Truth Knowthedifference
@david_steed what do you think???? It lines up perfectly! ;-)
Makersmark 46 I love my Rocktown but sometimes I need a shot or 4 of this stuff.
GrantCoFair BigSlide
GrantCoFair Pirateship
GrantCoFair RodeLikeAChamp Sizzler
So much fun this morning at the @cornerstorerun Country Run with these ladies!!! @purplelynn @kktruby
Make no mistake, there is a difference in requested and required. I don't REQUIRE anyone to participate, but I humbly REQUEST it. If you want to, I want you to. YogiTeaTag Lifeandlove
Now THAT'S a heifer! GrantCoFair
What a mighty handsome fellow! GrantCoFair PrizeRooster
Repost from @mikenewton1968 with @repostapp — Some days... Truth
And then we got a rooster! He's so handsome!! Sideyardchickens
Some days you need popcorn and a diet dr pepper to help get you through. Humpday SnackAttack WhiteCheddarIsMyCrack
What started as a healthy snack food addition to my diet has maybe become more like an addiction. JustinsAlmondButter Delicious AlmondButterAndApples AfternoonSnackAttack
Yay look what came in just in time for all the fall races scheduled over the next few months. These feel AWESOME! I must order more!! CompressionCalfSleeves Runnergirl RunningJunk Takemymoney
I think every one had a full weekend. I bet they're down for early bedtime tonight too.
We had to have one more round before going home. This is THE BEST pizza I've ever had. ImosPizza StLoiusStyle
The beautiful couple ThePotters PotterWedding
Thegroom and Aunt Lisa PotterWedding
We clean up once in awhile. SharpDressedMan PotterWedding
The Sideyardchickens love their block of food :)
Fitting... Allthesebucketsofrain Stuckintraffic ITISJUSTRAIN gah, people.
They look like babies!! I need to attempt to recreate this one. Myheartlivesoutsidemybody
Go to: Repost from @cornerstorerun with @repostapp — First 500 registrations are FREE for each race, thanks to our sponsors! Sign up today before it's too late! CountryRun2014
Love these new shoes!! AltraIntuition Zerodrop Calvesburn Itisagoodburn ???
We have another Chobaniflavorfail this time because of the oats. They're similar to hard tapioca. The apple cinnamon part is delicious though! Made me long for fall... ???
And I saw this pretty lady too!!! ???
Saw these same fellas just a few days ago, on that same lawn!! DoveFest
It was SOOOO good to spend time with these ladies! DoveFest ???
DoveFest Tanlines
Breakfast DoveFest
Oh Yogi you always know how to make a girl smile ??
The tall child :)
My baby boy. The light of my life. Myheartlivesoutsidemybody
Imagine watermelon pucker in yogurt form. Nobueno Chobaniflavorfail Yuck
Let's all be for real here... We all want to be like this today!! Tompetty Yellowlab Airconditioning
My Sideyardchickens lay some funny looking eggs sometimes!
TBT  1 year ago we brought this handsome fellow home. Tompetty Yellowlab