Nicole Chau Luisen


21. Peruvian. IB Student. Weird. Coca-Cola Lover. Photography. Follow me on instagram: missnicoleein
Just hanging in the Canton Fair Hello World Canton Fair
Boyfriend💙 Photography Enjoying Life Cute♡
Photography Enjoying Life China Beauty
Hello World Enjoying Life Friends
Hanging Hello World China Beauty
Coco? Hello World Enjoying Life Rabbit
Hello World Enjoying Life Hanging Out
Back Home Photography Hanging Out
Hello World That's Me
Hello World
My Little Bunny Cute♡ Hello World Enjoying Life
Hersheys Studying Statistics Home Sunny Day
Loving this minty ice cream??? Hello World Mint Ice Cream
These are the days we won't regret⚡️ Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World
Hanging Out Hello World Peru Tired
Hello World Hanging Out
WAVES Hanging Out Enjoying Life Hello World
Hanging Out Modern Family Enjoying Life
Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World Lazy
Hello World Relaxing Enjoying Life
Blue Hello World
R U D E Hanging Out Taking Photos Blue That's Me
Oh man, I'm son laaaazzzy lately? Taking Photos Hanging Out Lazy
Best I ever had? Enjoying Life Hello World That's Me
Hanging Out
Hello World
If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose? Taking Photos Hanging Out
Stay with me ? Hanging Out Hello World
Classes early in the morning Hello World Hanging Out Chillin
Souvenirs? Taking Photos
Too many magazines to read??? Hello World Business Magazines Happiness ♡
Feria ExpoAlimentaria 2014? Enjoying Life Peru Organic Food
Tunky coffee ☕️? Hello World Peruvian Coffee Coffee
Chanel this, Chanel that, hell yeah Hello World
When I met you I the summer ☀️ Taking Photos Hello World
Hanging Out Hello World Check This Out
Chillin' at home?? Taking Photos Enjoying Life Boots
Hasta que pase la tormenta? Hello World Enjoying Life
Hello World Taking Photos
Messy Hair Hello World
Hair Cut Hello World Enjoying Life
That's Me Messy Hair Bright Eyes Photography
Hello World
Hello World Taking Photos Hanging Out Relaxing
Taking Photos Hanging Out Relaxing
I'm stronger than I've been before Taking Photos Enjoying Life That's Me
Bright Eyes Hello World Messy Hair Photography
Would you wanna run away too? Taking Photos Enjoying Life Messy Hair At Home
Sunny Day At Home Tired Messy Hair
Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Sunday At Home