Most important thing in my life is my baby girl. I have a passion for music and other things. 😊
My Reina ?❤
My angel???
With my love. Enjoy your Saturday everyone.
Reunited and it feels so good. <3
Getting her face painted
Let's go Yankees. (after this rain delay!!!!!! Smh)
After a long day at the pool. My angel is resting.
Enjoying a nice Sunday at the park.
My baby girl being silly. Love her so much!!!
Me and my princess. Photo taken by: @dandytu
I wonder were she gets the sillyness from.
Enjoying a beautiful day at the park with a beautiful soul.
Smile!!!!. Our bond and love is so strong I cry at times. Corny or not, does it really matter what you think lol.
She is too cute lol..
Besitos besitos ;)
Hiding in her hair of shame..