Gerar TH


From Oaxaca, Mexico. Student, biology, insects, spiders, nature, jazz, rock, psychedelic, landscape, movies, food, books, take photos.
Too early to fall in bed Urban Sunset Taking Photos
Fingers Taking Photos Beach Relaxing Black & White
Bienvenida mamacita Beach Sun Swimming Taking Photos
Equilibrio Nature Trees
Prefiero seguir tus pasos Taking Photos Relaxing Sunset
Reptile Nature Reptiles
Death zone Factory Taking Photos
People are strange Taking Photos
Act I !! Nightphotography
Cauhgt in aParque Natura Arachnid Nature Spider
Introducción A La Arquitectura De La Muerte Black & White Nature Spiders Arachnid
Sol, mar y arena Enjoying Life Beach Life Beachphotography
Big cloud Clouds And Sky
Red Passion Nature Flowers
Jumping Spider Studying Learning
Waiting For You
Beyond The Realms Of Death Taking Photos
A good place to be Relaxing First Eyeem Photo