Mohamed Bitar


A workaholic father in Dubai driven by the KISS methodology | Self-Made Entrepreneur | Goal is to make the digital world a better place.
My Lil' one Love Babyboy Baby Family Child ReasonToLive ReasonToWork ReasonTosmile
Lil' one with dada! Two People Child Family Baby Babyboy Love Father & Son Fatherhood Moments Fatherhood
Gym anyone for a Morning Cardio Workout?
Our Cats Milou, Pootchie, & Ikki taking over the couch at Home Sweet Home in Lebanon
Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil
Some pictures of the flight to Dubai from Beirut using Emirates Airline. Thumbs up for the Food and comfort of the flight.
Got an upgrade to Business class on an Emirates flight to Dubai! good stuff! ^.^
Happy Birthday to Selfie from now even though my b-day is actually on the 9th of January. My loved ones decided to do it today as I'm travelling back to work to Dubai in the morning after a little break ^.^
My Cat ikki pissed off and Sad after getting a Lion cut at the Vet
These are the times i wish I was a Cat. Comfortable, Feeling Cozy in bed, and Relaxed all day long.
I don't know about you but that's something I always do ^^. How about you? Sleep Bedroom Blanket Bedtime
From my fiancee and friend, who is actually a dear brother, and Moi, we wish everyone and their loved ones a Happy new year 2014!!! May this year bring you Joy, Happiness, Success, and most of all good Health!!!
Even 1 of my #cats, Sasha, is into Technology & is curious about what's going on with the Machine! What you see should be called Pure Cat #cuteness on ground!
Some Clothes I use to wear when I was one year old! Can't believe my Mom kept them until now ^^ I'm so going to keep them until a Child of mine is born :)
Tom Ford store with broken glass after the car Explosion which occurred in Beirut Lebanon last #friday December 27, 2013!
View from the balcony at my fiancée's house. Lebanon
Porsche Design store with broken glass after the car Explosion which occurred in Beirut Lebanon on #friday December 27, 2013.
Home made Shawarma - one delicious Meal! Home Sweet Home Beirut
Arrived to Beirut this morning and was welcomed with 2 of the 4 cats we have at home. Allow me to introduce you to Ikky, in white/silverish, & Milou, in Orange. Stay tuned for the other 2 :) Sleeping Cats Cat
My Brother smiling after finding out that one of his friends is in the same place.
Say waaaaaa'??? Cat My Cat
The CHICAGO Broadway musical stage! First half of the show is complete and it's good so far!
One of the Shows I've been waiting for. Let's see how that goes. Musical
My Cats sasha and Tchimon loving the sun!