What I Value Love for animals. They're like humans. We breathe the same air, eat foods, drink, feel pain and need attention. All living things are created by our Almighty One and all we need is love so as them.
Edge Of The World One of the most breathtaking places I've visited. Cool breeze and nature in one place is heaven! Sitiolapresa Forevermore Relaxing Hello World Enjoying Life Mountain View Clouds
Hotelview Subic Poolside Nightlife
Happy Birthday to me!! :) Food Trip Food Porn Sweets Birthday Cake Mocha
Hello midnight snack! Mmm Mmm. Magnifico! Enjoying Life Cheese! Food Lasagna Garlic Bread Food Trip Food Porn
Now, he looks very happy with his food. Lol! Dog Jack Russell Pet Pet Photography  Animal Photography
He's been biting his pizza crust the whole time. Pet Photography  Pet Dog Jack Russell
Someone's jealous at the back. Animal Photography Pet Photography  Dachshund Animal Lover Dog Pet Cat Lover Rescued Cat Animals Cat
Heavy rain is coming. Sky And Clouds Taking Photos About To Rain
2months old Coco. Pet Animal Lover Pet Photography  Animal Photography Dachshund Dog
My Smartphone Life My smartphone has helped me to record and document every memories I had, have, will have in my life. Beach Beachphotography Ocean Tropical Vacation Time Enjoying Life Itsmorefuninthephilippines
Greetings from macho Mingo! Pet Pet Photography  Kitty Kitten Cat Cat Lover Animal Lover Rescued Cat
The Ruins. Talisay City The Ruins Philippines Negros Occidental Itsmorefuninthephilippines
Best buddies. Coco the giant and Mingo the dwarf. Pets Animals Dog Cat Kitten Dachshund Rescuedcat Animal Lover Animal Photography Pet Photography
The Ruins. Talisay Philippines The Ruins
I deserve a treat. Brownies lover. Food Sweets AssoRted First Eyeem Photo