Michelle Abeyta


I love camping! Just went and going again soon. Camping Camping Trip Funinthesun
my poor puppy got attacked the other day, I feel so bad for him. But he is healing good.
If you want something bad enough then you need to work for it! Success Misson Live, Love, Laugh Moreaction
Selfie ✌ Relaxing love my eyes That's Me Hello World
TBT  Memories Fun Friends makingnewfriends fireball pooltable
Love Hoofprint Utah Cottonwood Canyon naturehike makingmemories
Went Hiking up to Donutfalls had so much fun Caves Adventures beautiful green
Wrappidsuccess Wrapcrew Freedom Byob
Byob Wrappidsuccess Changinglives Freedom sahm sahd getfit wrapcrew bodywrap 45min love hope dreambig change
Fremont Street before the lights came on. Fun Party GoodTimes friends Vegas georgabulldogs
Vegas got myself a home made flower made from bam boo Bamboo Flower Flower Green Good Times
Bryce Canyon so beautiful Making Memories
Peaceful Hiking Trip Mountains fall leaves
Karma can be a pain
My Tired Puppy we went to the Park and had fun in the Sun
The beautiful outdoors Mountains Utah Hiking Fun goodtimes sunny
Pacific Ocean I love the beach!
Love what I do and I get to Travel
Seattle Fun
Friends And Fun
MyBoys are weird
I love the leaves they look so beautiful. Relaxing Enjoying Life Mountains
hiking and found a spider check this out
He's is pooped a day at the park
energy drink nasty but cool btl
my friend does some really good work :) Tattoos
my morning ritual :)
tighten tone your skin and as little as 45 min
That's Me
Some old pics Taking Photos
Halloween a couple years ago
My first a line
I am not a Baker lol Cooking
yum Lunch Time!
That's my boy getting a check up. My Dogs Love♥ Family❤
niece and nephew their so cute. Family ♥ Niece And Nephew :)
My future back yard. Dream Board
Love this!!! Fun Time Dream Board
Traveling Friends good times
My Love❤ and I our first meeting we spoke at. That's Me
Seattle had so much fun there. Enjoying Life Traveling Friends
♥my new wedges. Shoes ♥ My Style
writing your goals down is how you achieve them. That's Me Taking Photos
This is a sad game. Enjoying Life
Tampa Florida loved it Relaxing
Birthday girl! GoodTimes
Tampa Florida great times Wrappidsuccess
Facial wrap ♥ my job! Wrappidsuccess Fitness Confidence
What are you waiting for? Inbox or text 801-644-3809 Wrappidsuccess
Florida Tampa Freedom I had a great time in Florida. I'm living my dream and traveling.
Went for a walk today felt great. Blitz Wrap Repeat
Dream big!!! Wrapcrew Otom Freedom 2014
Joel and Stephanie Dunn group pic It Works Global Changinglives Blessed
Witch one are you?
Triple Diamond 3 /31/14 Goals
What are your goals and resolutions?
So beautiful, I love being at the beach just being there is so peaceful. Beach Clearwaterbeach Florida Peaceful beautiful
Love ToCute Thanks Kelly love you tonz made my day.
I'm in love with this man. Blue Eyes Hazel Eyes
Tampa Florida I love the East Coast
My boo and his Caricatures Florida 2014 Freedom
Never had this done before thought it was cool. Caricatures 2014 Fun Florida
Clearwaterbeach Florida Freedom 2014 Paycation
My man and I made a collar and a leash for our boys. Love the way they turned out. Crafty
Dry rub or?
Biscuits and gravy yummy what you see is almost 750 calories but thanks to fat fighter burning 277 calories thermofit speeding up metabolism I don't feel guilty.
Had.a blast
Boutique in grantsvill Otom
Funday Me LovingLife
MyBoys Balue Minion  Family
Dinner Meatloaf