Georgij Merjás

/// iphone 6 /// snapseed /// canon 5d2 /// photoshop cc
Georgij Merjás
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Close-up of fallen maple leaf on field during autumn
Low angle view of silhouette moon against clear sky
High angle view of fish
Full frame shot of snow
High angle view of footprints on snow
View of city at sunset
Close-up of wet window in rainy season
Close-up of autumn tree
Full frame shot of autumn leaves
Close-up portrait of boy holding camera
Close-up of man holding hand
Full frame shot of water
High angle view of boy swimming in pool
High angle view of person swimming in pool
Reflection of woman in water
Full length of woman standing in pond
Close-up of plant
Man sitting on beach against sky
People standing on beach against sky
Panoramic view of city against sky
Low angle view of trees against sky
Railroad tracks against sky
Close-up of red rose
Close-up of girl sitting on bed at home
Low section of person standing on grassy field
low section
Close-up of woman
Low section of women standing on floor
Close-up of man playing piano
Close-up of hand holding bouquet
Panoramic view of city against sky
Staircase in corridor
High angle view of vegetables on table
View of built structure
View of trees at night
Low angle view of building
Firework display at night
View of built structure
View of built structure
Panoramic view of trees and mountains against sky
Building against cloudy sky
Close-up of chair
Built structure with trees in background
View of built structure
Low angle view of bare tree against cloudy sky
Reflection of trees in water
Low angle view of building against cloudy sky
Woman standing on tree trunk
Full frame shot of green leaves
Ancient structure
Silhouette of buildings against cloudy sky