Lizbeth Reyes


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Thinking Of Him 101113♡
Throwback Cousin's Party ♡
Throwback Tired Af
heading out . .
Even when it all seems bad , don't forget to smile ; ^_^ (:
Having a wonderful sunday so far ^.^
straighten my hair again ^.^
Higher than before...
Natural Hair
Ohhh yeahhgh!!! Even higher than before x)
I don't think, I know I do ^.^ ♡
When I think of you, I smile ^.^ ♡ Thinking Of Him ^.^♡
My Neice <3 Jamie ^.^
Sometimes I wonder to myself...
He's eating yogurt. ^.^ Yogurt Austen
When life knocks you down, just get back up and say "You hit like a lil bitch."
One Piece
Hanging Out
Coolin It
jaja hell yeahh!!! beat that!! llz x)
When life throw you a thousand reasons to be sad, just give it one reason to be happy.
lmao xD
Shouting At Bebe Across The Street XD
Smile. It kills your haters. :)
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Currently listening to..
Heading Outt ✌
lol sooo trueeee
currently watching cartoons with Austen :)
this reminds me of Lesly xD
Cheshire Cat