Maria Svensson


I'm a happy lady, works in a photoshop, loves pictures, colors, tattoos and my cat Tobbe. And also I'm an indian of the great hockey tribe Frölunda.
Prästtjärn när det är som bäst! Hanging Out Fishing Relaxing Enjoying Life Awesomeness Swedishsummer
Awesome day on the balcony Hanging Out Balcony Dayofffromwork Mobile Photography Enjoying Life Meandmycat
Vacationday at home Relaxing Enjoying Life Mobile Photography Buddha Statue
Breakfast at work! Breakfast Saturday Working SS Foto
It's going to be awesome!!!! Upgrading Studio Lights & Shadows Workplace Awesomeness SS Foto Taking Pictures Portraits Children Photography Wedding Photography
It's a progress! Workplace Studio Mobile Photography Lights & Shadows
In our old/knew studio Workplace Studio Renovation Selfie Mobile Photography
Oil Painting Brusches Taking A Brake Colorful HappyLady Vacation Time Happiness
I'm back on track with my big painting. Mobilephoto Paint My Painting Brusches Colorful Taking A Brake Relaxing
Tobbe is sleeping on a role of Toiletpaper Cat Awesomeness Sleeping Mobilephoto On The Toilet Good Night
Eating pizza on the last night in Bangkok. This, restaurant was my view. Holiday Thailand Bangkok By Night Lights & Shadows Happy People Restaurants A Bit Offside HappyLady Good Times Mobilephoto
My cat, Tobbw approved the gift a got yesterday. The ribbon is awesome! My Funny Cat Love Gifts ❤ Ribbons Valentine's Day  Happy Cat HappyLady
Live this one! Just Chillin' ✌ Thailand Good Times Vacation Time Love Kamala Beach
Good Times Holiday Thailand Raya Island Relaxing Just Chillin' ✌
Doodeling Watercolor Relaxing Happiness
Light And Shadow Nofilter#noedit Mobilephotography
Everyday Joy
Beautiful light on the wall Window Black&white Taking Photos Mobilephoto
Doodeling some more Relaxing Cat Watching My Cutie Pie Awesome
Just doodeling Relaxing Doodeling Watching Hockey
Sleeping beauty Sleeping Cat Sleepyhead My Cat Thats My Boy
The light was shining last night for my best friend. One year ago she choosed to leave this world. She might be in the heavens but she will always be a part of the light, of my heart and in my memories.
Sleepy cat Watching Hockey Sleepyhead Sleeping Cat
Taking Photos My Cat I'm Watching You Hello World
I love my customers! Present Merci Chocolate At Work Working Hard #reward #effort #happy girl
My cat can't eat without his toys in the bowl... My Cutie Pie Cat Toys Food For My Cat
Me and my boy Relaxing My Cutie Pie My Cat Cosy Day
Flowerwater is so god! Drinking Water Flower My Crazy Cat Taking Photos
Hmmm I wonder who broke my flower?! Broken Flowers My Cat Busted My Cutie Pie
Me and my personal trainer! Relaxing That's Me Thats My Boy  My Cat
I'm vanilla! Relaxing Selfie✌ That's Me Vanilla Filter
I'm vanilla! Relaxing Selfie✌ That's Me Vanilla Filter
Tobbe is helping me to pack Vacation Time My Cat Packing Boxes
Just Chillin' ✌ Relaxing My Cat Vacation Time
Beekaboo I'm Watching You Just Chillin' ✌ Hello World Kitchen Window
Pow Pow Awesome Window Talk To The Paw
Are you done yet?! I wanna play with you.♥ My Cutie Pie Cat Watching Hello World Love
Love at first sight Love Smells Like Green Grass In The Summer Lawn Mower
Growing grass in my shoes Enjoying Life Green Grass Cute Shoes
My cat is waiting for dinner! Relaxing Cat Hanging Out Kitchen
Sweden!!! Hockey Go Sweden! Working Hard Missing My Tv
Tobbe is getting ready to hunt Cat Cat Toys Hunting Cat And Mouse
It's fun to stare while she drinks her coffee! My Cat Grundlach Happy To Stare You Out!
drinking coffee in my monstercup! Workin Hard Coffee Break Late Breakfast
This is the logo of my awesome hockey leauge. The Frölunda indians. Hockey Mobilecover Made By Me
Her lips red as blood. Yep my lip is broken! Lips Blood Red Hurting
It's not saturday...but it's after my dinner and it has a surprise ! Hello Kitty Surprise Chocolate
Tobbe Just Chillin' ✌ Sitting Here. Being Awesome.
Meat, beer, my cat and hockey. I'm happy!!!! But wishing my dear friend would be with me. Now she lives in "beerheaven" Beer Watching Hockey Heineken #Beer My Cat
The path I walk every day Working View From My Office Workin In The Lab Labmachines
The Path Less Traveled By Pointer Footwear
just checking the! Taking Photos Time To Work Capa Filter Mobilephoto
I'm of to work! Not A Morning Person Missing My Bed That's Me Mobilephoto
Please put the camera away. Pretty please! Cat My Cutie Pie Taking Photos Cat's Paw
my mom says I'm cute when I sleep... My Cat Catching Up On Sleep Relaxing So Cute
She put a blanky on me. I would be cute she said. Cat So Cute Taking Photos Cosy
Jag tar hand om mina kollegor ;)
Goodmorning! Coffee Missing My Bed Tired Time To Work
I'm vanilla That's Me Vanilla Filter
my awesomness wears me out! So Tired That's Me Missing My Bed
Tobbe loves the sun! Relaxing Enjoying Life My Cat Love The Sun On My Face
my wake up pose. I'm looking better in black and white ;)
my outfit today. Loose and cosy, I'm tired!!!! Hard Working Girl So Tired New Pants Pants With Elephants
Nypressad annans/apelsin/citron juice och grött med kokosgrädde och skogsbär. Njuter
Breakfast at work Hard Working Girl Awesomeness Hungry! Yummie!
Tobbe on the table waiting for the dressing My Funny Cat Abstract Pet Pose Food Missing Hockey
Min grymma PT!
Jobbar ;) Nyckelringar Budskap Ord G öteborska
Ben & Jerry vet vad jag gillar!
Tobbe is boxing with boxes from Ikea. My Cat Boxes Free Cat Toys
This picture was for my best friend who died on the 5 of november, almost 3 months ago. My life is now and forever changed. The pain and sorrow if feel every day I can't describe. She was an angel on earth and now she's a shining star in heaven.
So many questions; What did I do now? What's that sound and were does it come from??? Cat FUNNY ANIMALS My Funny Cat LookingCute
My nails are done. Made by @topnailbyamiii
I am scary moahahaha Halloween Scary Eyes Light
my toys! I like to drown them in my warerbowl and then put them on the bed moahahahaha Cat Toys Cat LookingCute  My Funny Cat
my cat toys. washed again. the bitd is no longer tweeting... Cat Toys
what a day at work! I deserve this!!! Hard Working Girl Coffee Break Chocolate
fooooood!!!!!!! Hungry! Girl Working Hard Working Lunch
the new one. It's getting bigger! ;) Girl With Tattoos Tattoos Making The World Colorful That's Me
Why drink in the bowl when you can drink like this? Drinking Water LookingCute  My Cat Funny
my backpiece is growing... Girl With Tattoos New Tattoo This Is Me Beautiful
I'm a bit hungover today but still awesome! Towelday Hungover Resting Awesomeness #partille #home #tired #headhurts #happy
I'm very cool in my helmet! Cool Girl!  Girl With Tattoos Awesome Helmet Making The World Colorful #awesome #lady #maissace #selfie #savedalen #androidphoto #studio #atwork
it blings in black and white too! Blackandwhite Nails Stars PhonePhotography
Morning Coffee My New Nails Bling Bling Stars #pinkstars #shining #beautifulnails #topnail
scchhh! Selfie ✌
I did 2 today! ;) Myartwork Photography Colorful Taking Photos
This was one of my piece of canvas today. The picture is taken by me with fujifilm X10. I have cropped the image quite much and just used levels, curves and shadows/higlights in photoshop cs5.5. The modell is my 4-year old boy, Tobbe. Canvas Photography Myartwork Fujifilm X10
Sleeping LookingCute  Relaxing My Cat
my bling bling Scull Wing Wwf Jewlery
Tobben says: put your fucking phone away you are messing with my resting!!! Goodmorning My Cat Blackandwhite Mjauing
not the brst picture but i gott a kiss! Kissing I Love My Cat ❤
Hello World This Is Me Taking Photos Selfie ✌
My Cat Beautiful Eyes Photography Colorful
Flower Blackandwhite
Bling Bling My Beautiful Nails Golden Sparkling Jewels !
Diamonds. This is actually an hook were you can put your handbag on while you get your handbag on. Diamonds Bling Bling A Girls Best Friend