Lupita Chávez Camacho


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Mi dibujo de esos ojos que amo! Los ojos de Jared!:3 Jared Leto Drawing Art My Art
Run away, Run away. Now I'll attack, I'll attack.... Me Echelon Mexican Self Portrait
mexico concert :3 30 Seconds To Mars 30 Seconds To Mars Concert Jared Leto Echelon
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Making A Henna Tattoo
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Beatle Nails :3 Nails Thebeatles ♥ Cute Nail Art
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Mi hermosa Queen :3♥ Dog Nature Cute Pets I Love My Dog
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mesitas Tec jaja School Boring Times
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Tirada en el pasto, disfrutando de un día pacífico y soleado con algo de viento Peace And Quiet Beautiful Day Nature Relaxing
viscos locos xD Halloween Hat Funny Crazy Moments sombrerero loco versión femenina :3
Relaxing Nature Happy Beautiful Day
Funny Happy Beautiful Day
School Funny Friends c:
Beauty Trenza Pinkhair
Con Ali, en Cuernavaca Traveling
cocinando con Carito :3 Coocking Cocinando Funny Little Cousin
Con Josué y Marilu :3 Funny My Brother  Little Cousin