Courtney Eggleston


I luv a her nd I luv a him ;-)
Enjoying Life
just a lil change but a lil change is good
my baby my god mommy my inspiration i love my goddy
me and my lil brother crazy hw he's almost taller than me with heels on
my bruva from another muva
I need help!!!!!
drea n her onezy
itz sunday u know where im going
god morning EM :-)
just truth being told
itz sounds right to me :-) #positivity
Hanging Out
last Easter #tbf lol
the most amazing woman I kno my Godmommy aka first lady of the chuuurch lol #tbf
my lil big brother from another mister n misses lol
lil o'le me once again aaawww
Enjoying Life