Lizzay Christine


Bffs give the best advice Swear ?✔? @june_seventh
Ooh Na Na Na. I Feel Beautiful Today haha
Silly Spamforspam
I live for happiness ?
TAP Buddies Foreva ?
This right here donnika. And she don't....give a....fuck. ?
Be Mine ?
I just came to party ?
B.e.a.u.t.I.f.u.l. day ♡
If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for everything. ?
Hey boo
Nails Frenchmanicure Hellacute
We do drugs. ? Playallday  @niika__
Lol I love her Bestmanager Sillyface Brandy
Fuck dem haters Thebae
Ugliness ?
Wifey ?
Only Boy Who Won't Ever Break My Heart ?Loveyou Destin
They are fucked up LMFAOO Turntupthurdays
? ✌
Throwbackthursday  Two & a half more months then we can say we did it. I'm honestly gonna miss you boo. Ilysm. You are one of the realest "niggas" I know. (I put it in quotations so I won't get in trouble) lhh ? butt you are like my sister & im always here to listen and talk about your/my crazy stories. ClassOf2014 TBT  @niika__
This Girl Is Literally Like My Sister. ILYSM Boo. ?
I Take Too Many Selfies Mwah Lovethispic
Forgive. Forget. Move on. ?
My mains. Thanks for spamming my phone ?
Boo boo we look so cute ♡
Pitbull Love Chance ?
Springbreak TurnUp
She said, I just wanna smoke & fuck. I said girl that's all we do :* Highassniggas @marissa_niccole_
Joshhh HisEyes  >>>
☁ ?
Bby ? ?
Brotherrrr Loveyew
My little Valentino (:
Chicky Dicky Wuvyou
Happy Saint Patty's Day ?
Prom dress hopefully ♡ I can't wait for prom. 2014
My nigga, my nigga.
Don't Worry. Be Happy.
I be on that work flow. ? ?
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