Lillian Cooper


proud mommy...... 10/8/07 Mah everything<3<3<3....... ball is life.... #6 dats all u need to know!!
<3 if ur gay
me just being me[]
i. miss my bby[]
heyy. y'all!
my sexy bby[]
her smile[]
l luv my princess[]
what would i do with five of them[][]
i love when she smile[][]
she love music[]
playing with her feet[]
my Lil princess[]
the day when she first ate food[]
she make me smile everyday[]
love my smile<3
goodmorning from me an my stika butt
caught her slippin<3
the cutest face<3
the best thing that ever happened too me<3
Mah twin<3
<3 blue #nike
me an my angel fooling<3
you touch wat belongs to me its a problem<3
sorry for my rachetness!!
my stinka butt getting big:))
my daughter have the craziest faces<3