Hey! EyeEm new here 🤭 21yo freelance photographer from Germany. You can contact me on Instagram @leonxschwass or Facebook @photographyschwass 💜
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Old abandoned building
Rear view of man with dog walking in forest
Rear view of man riding horse on field
Midsection of a horse
Road by buildings against sky in city
View of city street and buildings against sky
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Illuminated buildings by river against clear sky at night
View of historic building against sky in city
Group of people on city street against buildings
High angle view of boats in river
Silhouette man standing on mountain against orange sky
Train on bridge against sky
Bridge over river by buildings in city against clear sky
Road by buildings in city against sky
Low angle view of silhouette trees against sky at night
Rock formations by buildings against sky
High angle shot of townscape against sky
High angle view of river by town against sky
Building against sky during autumn
Close-up of plants by sea against sky
View of temple against building and mountain
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Silhouette crane by lake against sky during sunset
Scenic view of trees growing on field
Low angle view of wind turbine and plants against sky
Empty road amidst trees against sky in city
View of old building
High angle view of townscape against sky
Stream flowing through rocks in forest
Trees in forest against sky
View of trees in forest during autumn
Low angle view of rock formation against clear sky
Footbridge over sea against sky during sunset
Footbridge in city against sky
View of illuminated city against sky at night
Bicycle parked on field against clear sky
Man riding bicycle on road
Bicycles parked on field during sunny day
Full length of man riding motorcycle
People on street against clear sky
Side view of bicycle against building
Close-up of man riding motorcycle on road
Bicycle parked amidst trees
Low angle view of dramatic sky during sunset
Silhouette people standing against sky during sunset
Silhouette landscape against dramatic sky during sunset
Road by silhouette trees against sky at sunset
Low angle view of illuminated street light at night
Graffiti on wall