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Norwegian, Passionate iPhonista, iCollager... son3nne on IPA and Flickr
My Husband & I
Selfie With Marriage Tattoo
Low Skies NEM Black&white
Almost Ten
Interior (iPhone5) NEM Architecture
Foggy Fall Morning NEM Black&white
NEM Self
@work NEM Architecture
Seeing Red
NEM Street
A Typical House
Collaboration with Grant Basma Horsnell
Gnawing Limbo
Untangeling Fear
Status Quo Bias
Summer Morning
For Him (iCollage made on my iPad)
I Love You NEM Self
Looking Up as Always ;)
iCollage made on my iPad
iCollage made on my iPad
Back to Basics (iCollage made on my iPad)
Interior NEM Architecture NEM Black&white
Looking Up Again
Looking Up NEM Architecture
NEM Black&white
NEM Memories
You And Me Against the World Babe NEM Self
Airport Study: Suvarnabhumi
Right Here, Right Now <3
A Strange Thing
Is It Getting Better or Worse
House in the Sky
Looking up
short straw :)
Suburbia II
It is a different city up there
Looking Up
I Don't Know Either
Queen of Crow NEM Self
The Unresolved Conflict / The Inadequacy of the Butterfly Hug NEM Memories