Kaye Omila


I love to travel, eat, read books and just do random things. It's better not to plan a trip if it's just a day or two. :)
"For the love of coffee... hihi" Yet another day with this funny guy over latte. Thanks, B. 😘 See you when you get back... Gonna miss those corny jokes of yours. Hahaha Coffeelovers Mrfunnyguy
"We shouldn't settle for less because we know our worth. But amidst everthing that has happened, we learn to stand after we fall." - Kikkawa Kumiko Selfie Sunday Whogoat😌 😜
Because in every 'imissyou', I still want to tell you 'iloveyou'...
Off to a Jollibee kiddie party! ??
A rainy morning everyone... :)
Sunset... Nofilter
First Groupie of the year! ?❤ DadatisLOVE
Itching to go on a road trip alone. Bags and phone ready! 2015  Crazy Excited!! Lezdothis Mindanao?? ??
Asa naman ang uban? Apas na mo oi... ?
We may sometimes fight over small things, quarrel in every detail and hate each other. You are still my cousin and I love you both. I'll always be here no matter what. :) <3 Cousins  Maldita Family Sisters ❤
Kay gi mingaw ko ni DMC ug sa KFC, maypa mag selfie!hahaha Boangnamehn Happiness ♡
The shirt says it all. Another day to be thankful. Good morning, Love. ? ♥
From dress and heels to comfy shirt and shorts... Sorry love last nani. Matulog na bitaw ko. Hahaha I love you. :) ♥
Because I miss my curly hair... ;) ♥ Newhairstyle Newperspective Newlife StillthesameME
Wacky moment ni Kuya ug bebekoh. Samoka! Mag selfie na unta ko. Hahaha
Missing the place where my ♥ is... :( WannagobacktoUBEC
Kusog na uwan + walay signal sa SUN = selfie with ze bebekoh Qualitytime Fridayfunday Kyleandrei♥ Thepasaway
Since i'm sick and stuck at home with nothing to do, here's what happened! Cravings Baking101 Redvelvetcupcake Sweettooth
New toy for our Hunter .. :)
Good morning, Ipao. - Hunter :)
As per request of my mommy dearest... just because... i still love you even after the nagging and crazy fights we have. :) ♥ Fruitsalad SugarRush Sweettooth
I need a Tequilla IV bag, 60 drops per minute, STAT! Yayayko :(
'coz I was wondering where you are... Good night, Love. ♥ ;)
Sometimes we just have to let it be, baby. :) Lazysunday
First selfie at home. :)
Wackos are 4ever! Thanks for the stolen shot Makoy. :) Rodeo Grill ♥
What Does Peace Look Like To You? San Policarpo Calbayog City, Samar
Where Do You Swarm? Little pleasures. Toledo Cebu Philippines
Sunset Silhouettes Bohol
Sunset Silhouettes Boracay Sunset
Ang gwapang inahan... TeamSweet
The Environmentalist – 2014 EyeEm Awards
The Environmentalist – 2014 EyeEm Awards
The Environmentalist – 2014 EyeEm Awards Mt. Province
Beach! :) Cebu Philippines Argao WacKos
The Architect - 2014 EyeEm Awards Cebu Philippines Argao
The Architect - 2014 EyeEm Awards Cebu Philippines
Open Your Eyes For Amnesty International
Freshly picked strawberries! :)
WacKos  4ever!
A day at the beach is super fun if spent with the wackos :) ♥
Argao's rich history. ?