Kevin Sgambelluri


Smiling contest. We have a tie. Cuties!!! Averygracepatten
Today, we celebrate a special day. It's the birthday of the woman I love, who's charm and smile lights up a room. She has inspired me and challenged me to be my best. @bonitaappelbaum your strength vulnerability and love is divine. The beauty of your soul and heart compliment your overwhelming physical beauty that I have been so lucky to be around since the day or reflections caught each other in the mirror. You're the one that I love, sugar. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!
What a hike this morning with my boy BG. Running Trails like an Animal!!
Coming in just right!! Movember Idliketostacheyouaquestion Solare Winedinner mustacherideanyone
On top of Coba Mayan Pyramid!!
Coba Mayan Ruins Stupidyogatricks Scorpionpose Yoga Mayanruins
TuLuM Sunrise w/Robotheart
Come Cuddle!
Fun day Tooclosetotheedge Stupidyogatricks
Out of the ashes...)'(