Kévin Truntzer


🇫🇷🇮🇹 • French Photographer || Rugby • Crossfit • Lifestyle || 👥 Fcb : Kevin Trzr
" Passage de la République " 📸 ⚫️⚪️ Eyemphotography Point Of View New Photo Black & White HDR Street City Streetphotography Photoshoot Photooftheday Taking Photos Photography First Eyeem Photo Eyem Best Shots Blackandwhite
Américain style 📸 #yellow #cars #vintage #americain #style
Train Station #shoot #blackandwhite #black #white #hdr #eyemphoto
Palais des congrès de Pau #palais #city #colors
Commercial street 💶🛍📸 Shopping Street City Zara FNACPhotooftheday Taking Photos HDR Black & White Photo Point Of View
Hôtel 📸 Hotel Photography Photoshoot Eyemphotography Streetphotography HDR Photooftheday
Profite picture... 📸✌🏼️ New Haircut Profile Facebook Following Photoshoot Photooftheday Photography Self Portrait Blue Eyes HDR First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography
Vintage 💭📸 ... #abstract #art #abstractart #TagsForLikes #abstracters_anonymous #abstract_buff #abstraction #instagood #creative #artsy #beautiful #photooftheday
Selfe-portrait ✌🏼️📸 Self Portrait Blue Eyes Photography Photooftheday Photoshoot First Eyeem Photo
Dan Carter .. 📸✅ Eyem Best Shots Eyemphotography First Eyeem Photo Matchphotography Dancarter AllBlack Maori Blackandwhite Black Photoshoot Player Rugby Photographic Memory Photooftheday Photography Black & White HDR Twickenham Rugby Taking Photos Champions
Final of Rugby world cup 📸🏆 HDR Black & White Vintage Photo Photography Photooftheday Photographic Memory Rugby Player Photoshoot Black Blackandwhite Maori AllBlack Dancarter Public Transportation Matchphotography First Eyeem Photo Eyemphotography Eyem Best Shots
All Blacks player..Dan Carter 📸🏆🇨🇰 Matchphotography Dancarter AllBlack Maori HDR Champions Photooftheday Photographic Memory Photoshoot Photography City Player Twickenham Rugby Blackandwhite Taking Photos Silhouette Black Black & White Public Transportation Rugby
World Player..Dan Carter 📸🇨🇰🏆 BIG Player Photography Photoshoot Photographic Memory Photooftheday Champions HDR Blackandwhite AllBlack Dancarter Maori
💭📸 Taking Photos Colorful HDR Photography View City
" La Régence " 🍴 📸 Restaurant Taking Photos Sun Enjoying Life Photography HDR Colorful
D E V R E D 👔 📸 Enjoying Life Taking Photos Class Classic
Focus • 📸 Hello World Taking Photos Enjoying Life Black & White Black HDR Photography City Silhouette
Shadow ...💭📸 Photography HDR View Point Of View Black Classic Black & White
Façade architectural 🏛📸 View Hello World Taking Photos HDR Photography Colorful
Architectural batiment 🏛📸 Architectural Detail Photography Colorful Taking Photos View HDR Point Of View
View 🌴🌇📸 Taking Photos Enjoying Life Places Colorful Photography Sunset City Sun
Sunset 🌇📸 Taking Photos HDR Palmier  Photography Colorful Places Public Transportation Pub
Train station ... 💭 🚉 📸 Train Station Photography Enjoying Life Colorful HDR
Sunset ⛅️🌇 📸 Sunset View City Photography Auch
Mirror glass 🏢📸 Finding Parking Photography Mirror Glass Reflection Black Point Of View City Pau
Street Art 📸🎨 Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life City Pau Painting
First pic ✌🏼️ Photooftheday Classic First Eyeem Photo