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Day 176: When You Have to charge yourself because Monday will be crazy 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day176 Solar Power Lumpy Cats Sunday
Day 174: Simon Shows Me How to Relax 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day174 Simon Cats Of EyeEm CatsOfTwitter SimonSaysRelax ChuckTheCarrot
Day 173: New Hair Color. I love it! 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day173 Newhaircolor Selfie Lookwhosblonde
Day 157: I Don't Always Dress Like Mickey Mouse, but when I do it's time for laundry! 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day157 Scrubs Mickeymouse
Day 156: My Zero Waste Purse Kit. All that's missing is my spoon and soon I'll upgrade my straw to a glass straw. Super convient and easy to use. 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day156 Zerowaste ZeroWasteKit Environmental Mindfullness Maketheplanetgreatagain
Days 153 to 155: When you have big plans for the weekend but get sick instead. 365DaysOfAwesomeness Notawesome Days153-155 Hatebeingsick
Day 152: My Day vs Husband's Day. So not fair 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day152 Eyedoctor MusicIndustry Stanleycup HusbandWins
Day 124: Always Remember This. You are loved. You are smart. You are brave. You are enough. 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day124 31DaysOfMentalHealthAwareness MentalHealthAwareness StopTheStigma Staystrong
Day 123: Be Kind. Be Patient. Be There. One of the worst things to do to someone who is suffering is to ignore them. Admitting that you feel broken, sad, alone or scared takes courage. For someone to ignore your feelings or pretend that everything is OK does more harm than anyone deserves. It's OK not to have words of wisdom for someone who is broken. More often than not, your presence is enough. 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day123 31DaysOfMentalHealthAwareness MentalHealthAwareness Staystrong StopTheStigma
The month of May is always a difficult month for me, even though it is the month of my wedding anniversary. For the entire month of May, I am going to dedicate my 365 Days of Awesomeness project to Mental Health Awareness. My hope, by doing so, is to lessen the stigma of mental illness. Stay strong. You are not alone 365DaysOfAwesomeness Day121 MentalHealthAwareness Staystrong StopTheStigma
Day 96: Minky Binky 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day96 Candy Objet D'art
Day 95: Keeping it Classy in TN. Yes, it's been that kind of day! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day95 Wine Winewednesday Masonjar
Day 94: What?! Obviously, I interrupted Lumpy's deep thoughts. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day94 Lumpy Cats CatsOfTwitter Cats Of EyeEm Philosopurr
Day 93: I try Oil Pulling 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day93 Oilpulling Sillyselfie
Day 92: Sleeping in the Sun 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day92 Simon Sleepy Sleepy Kitty Sunday
Day 89: Awaiting the storm. Today, we closed the office early because Mr Weatherman warned of a bad storm with hail, high winds and lots of rain. I was a bit concerned about the boys because neither of them like storms, but this is what I came home to. The major storm was just some wind and overcast sky! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day89 Storm Stormyweather Cats CatsDontCare Cats Of EyeEm CatsOfTwitter
Day 88: Rowena Ravenclaw. I finally got a Harry Potter chocolate frog and when I opened it, it had Rowena Ravenclaw! As a Ravenclaw, I was super excited! I love Harry Potter ! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day88 Harry Potter Ravenclaw
Day 87: Keep on Learning. My French lessons continue as does my streak. If you are learning something new, keep at it. Practice, persistence and patience 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day87 LearningFrench Practice Persistence  Patience
Day 86: The finished office. Doc came back from holiday today and had no idea that all last week we were sprucing up the practice. Each exam room now has its own theme: military, antique, sports and music (not shown). The hallway has the new logo and, if course, there is the yellow wall. It really looks nice and Doc loves it! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day86 OfficeRemodel Surprise
Day 85: Sundays are made for reading 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day85 Read Thriller
Day 84: Simon Meets Bunny ... And Everyone Agrees It's a Purrfect Day for a Nap 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day84 Simon Caturday Catnap
Day 83: Chuck the Carrot gets a new friend. Meet Bunny! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day 83 ChuckTheCarrot Bunny
Playing catch up...Days 81 and 82. Office remodeling continues in full force. Painting is wearing me out, it's exhausting! I'll reveal the finished office on day 86! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject OfficeRemodel Painting Day 81
Day 80: Yowza Yellow. Day 2 of the office repainting project. This wall will certainly wake me up! Yowza, indeed! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day80 Yellow Painting
Day 79: Silly Selfie At work, we are repainting the walls. I made sure they were were covered in cats! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day79 Selfie Painting Cats
Day 78: Can't wait to go back to Joe Beef! Less than two months away! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day78 JoeBeef
Day 77: Date! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day77 Date MOVIE Beautyandthebeast
Day 75: Wine? Yes, please 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day75 Wine
Day 74: Cupcake Surprise (apologies for the late post. I was so exhausted yesterday I fell asleep almost as soon as I got home) Today at work a Gigi's cupcake appeared on my desk. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a photo, so here's my attempt to draw it. Guess I'll stick with photography! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day74 Cupcakes Drawing Gigiscupcake
Day 73: Gregg Allman I was so sad to hear that Gregg Allman cancelled his 2017 dates. What a talent. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day 73 GreggAllman Concert Photography Musicphotography
Day 72: Best. Monday. Ever. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day72 Catlover MuggingItUp
Day 71: When you refuse to lose an hour of sleep 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day71 SpringForward Simon Cats
Day 70: Simon Sees Snow For the First Time 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day70 Nashville NashvilleWeather Caturday Cats Of EyeEm CatsOfTwitter Simon Snow
Day 69: Flowering Trees 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day69 Tree Nature Beauty In Nature
Day 68: TBT Jake Owen! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day 68 TBT  Jakeowen Concert Photography Cmafest
Day 67: Health Nut. My boss has a huge sweet tooth but has a rule that he won't eat sweets unless they have 'healthy' nuts in them. Today at lunch, he was eyeing an individual cheesecake but he couldn't eat it because it didn't have nuts. So he grabbed some almonds and artfully placed them on his cheesecake, thus having 'healthy' cheesecake! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day67 HealthNut Food Dessert
Day 66: A Dental Disappointment. I went for my 6 month cleaning today at my dentist and after he examined me, he was pleased that he couldn't offer me any services, and said he'd see me again in six months (he sounded a little disappointed that he didn't have to do any work on me!) What tickles me is that I haven't used traditional toothpaste in a year. Instead, I make my own tooth powder, as shown (comment if you want the recipe) And after today, it's just as good, if not better than the tubed stuff! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day66 Toothpowder NoCavaties DIY
Day 65: More Flowers! Monday was a crazy day so I was pleasantly surprised to see more flowers had appeared on my desk. This arrangement is my favorite as the beautiful roses are arranged in a teacup. I think someone loves me! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day65 Roses Flower Arrangement Besthusband
Day 64: I love them so much 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day64 Cats Cats Of EyeEm SnuggleSunday
Day 63: Lemonade. Really 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day63 SaturdayRitual Lemonade Margaritas
Day 62: When beautiful roses suddenly appear in your office. I'm a lucky girl. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day62 Roses Office Surprise
Day 61: TBT to one of my favorite singer songwriter photos 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day61 Musicphotography Singersongwriter
Day 60: Guess who isn't giving up potato chips for Lent?! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day60 ChipFreak Addiction Lent
Day 59: 39 Straight Days of French. I've been taking my French lessons for 39 days now and things are coming together. I'm confident reading and writing but not so much speaking. Persistence is key. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day 59 LearningFrench Pracrice Practice Practice
Day 58: Early night. Ah, Mondays how you exhaust me. So I went to bed. This is a photo of my sweet Meyer, captured a few months before he died. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day58 Monday
Day 57: Encouragement. Yesterday was a tough day for me. I had so many doubts and fears, and felt like I didn't have any control of a particular situation. But this morning, I found this quote and felt instantly better. Though I don't understand everything, I still have Faith. 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day57 Encouragement Chaos Faith image courtesy of Pinterest
Day 56: How's your Caturday? 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day56 Caturday Cat Simon Catnap
Day 55: Clever Promo Packaging. My husband picked up some swag today and the packaging was very compact and mysterious. Imagine my surprise when I opened one and unwrapped a T Shirt! We'll see how the shirts holds up. The black package is another shirt in it's original packaging. Cool, isn't it? 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day55 SwagHag CoolPackaging
Day 54: TBT  to my first CRS event back in 2012. For more photos, check out my site at 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day54 CRS Faithhill ShamelessSelfpromotion
Day 53: Oh my! 365DaysOfAwesomeness PhotographyProject Day53 DamnTheyreGood ChipFreak