Joel Call


I am Joel. Charís kai eirene humín.
Nature Iceland Nofilter
Sightseeing Nature Iceland
Sightseeing Nature Iceland
Sightseeing Iceland
Christmas 2016 Family
Christmas 2016 Family
Christmas Eve 2016 Family
Christmas 2016 Family
Christmas 2016 Family
Christmas 2016 Family
Trindel Halloween '16 [Ken Bone, Dragon, Jordan, Chekhov, Wayne]
Circa Thanksgiving '16 Indy Gertie Dogs
Friends he got married
Friends I guess they thought we were twinning?
Amez! Friends
thug Friends
Sherman and Katie's wedding (5/21/16). Friends
New glasses (3/8/16) Reading
Today was a good day Friends Bernie2016 (Bernie March, 2/28/16)
Friends Taco Bell
Friends Taco Bell
Grandpa Bob the day after Thanksgiving '15 Family
That's Me on the day Alan Rickman died.
Hangz w/ Stupid Danny over the Holiday's (12/29/15?) Friends Hanging Out That's Me
What a guy Friends
Hanging with Bobby sometime in the fall of '15 Friends
This was January 1st, 2016, first day of the new year at a fresh market Friends
That's Me circa October 2015
Nathan's bachelor party Driving Sightseeing
Bachelor party for Nathan Friends
Emmy made my night by watching fireworks with me. They may have gotten a bit too flashy and loud at the finale though :) Friends
Apparently it is National Best Friend Day. I got to fly on an airplane with my best friend recently. I like this one because she is like sunlight. Cate
Ben and Rach Family
She's going to Swaziland. Glad I got to spend time with her while we could. This was fun :) Cate
Micah took this. We have been known to take naps together. Friends
Womancrushwednesday Cate
Friends at MVNU
Noah in the caf. Friends
Staff meeting Notes
Christmas-time Date w/ Cate
Hiking with Cate