Most of my photos are taken with my cell phone.
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Close-up of purple flowering plant
Close-up of pink rose flower
Close-up of white flowering plant
Close-up of lizard
Close-up of water drops on leaves
Close-up of flowering plant
Close-up of berries growing on plant
Close-up of wet plant
Close-up of rusty metal
High angle view of fruits in plate on table
Close-up of palm leaves
High angle view of flowering plants on wood
Close-up of insect
Close-up portrait of boy
Rear view of couple on field
Close-up of a dog looking away
Close-up of lizard on wooden plank
Portrait of young woman sitting against sky
Young woman looking away while sitting outdoors
Woman sitting by plants against sky
Side view of woman sitting on land against the sky
Close-up portrait of boy
Rear view of man standing against building
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Close-up of flowering plant
Portrait of dog on field
Portrait of dog looking away
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up of flowering plant
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Close-up portrait of man wearing hat
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of bird in water
Close-up of turtle in sea
Close-up of turtle in water
Close-up of green plant in water
High angle view of lizard
Close-up of lizard on plant