jAsmin Avila


Im in love with cities Ive never been to and people Ive never meet
Post rainy day
car radio :)
Blurry pic ...blurry face
Holiday lights Fun
It rained again so yay
Sunsets are just wow. 🌌
They look ok. White flowers 🌼🌼 ✌
I was riding my bike and came across this and the plants look like they are taking over :) Goplants
I like the yellow car Cloudsandstuff
Palm trees :) Californiasky
It was her b day and i took a picture :) Sunflower
mail boxes :) Trio
Sitting in a car on the street taking pictures :) Clouds
Don't know how this picture happened but it looks good-ish :) RainyDays Sweaterweather
This is such a bad photo but its whatever ✌ Ithought