"Bring the drugs baby; I can bring my pain".. ♡
My sister and I. ♡
"Don't you ever fall in love with a girl like me".. ♡
Baby Aubri. ♡
Babysitting these cutiessss. ^.^
Sailor and I. ♥
I come home from Virginia and my baby, Apollo is big now. :(
I couldn't agree more..
My favorite subjectttt. ♥♥
"If I get a little prettier, can I be your baby?" ♥
Words cannot explain how beautiful he is.
Mine and Nella's heart shaped sandwichs. :)
Nella and I. ♥
How me and my sister get ready.. Lol.
Baseball! ♥♥♥♥
This movie. ♥
I swear she is absolutely amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hanging Out
'Til we overdose.... ♥
Valentine's ♥
Yesssssss. ♥
Forget Science, let's take pictures! ;) .. Yess! I'm in high school and still wear uniform. :(
Enough said.
Morning. ♥
Oh how I hate when it snows in Virginia!
Good morning. ♥
Hanging Out
My handsome nephew, Aydan. ♥