Shanell Brewer


Photography is "LIFE", memories of any lifetime....cApturing moments at its best & worst is a passion for me..& I share some with U!✔️💯😘
My hearts Mykidsareawesome
That's Me Taking Photos Relaxing
Palm Trees Hello World
My sister did that! That's Me
Only white flower on a pecan tree!!! EyeEm Nature Lover
Taking Photos
Foodporn❤️ Foodporn Vacation Eatcation Hanging Out Check This Out That's Me Yummy♡ Delicious Food Delicious
First time for everything
The big day!!! Glad it's over!!! Pure Forgotten Realms
Throwback Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Hello World
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! EyeEm Nature Lover Relaxing That's Me Love Taking Photos
Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life Check This Out Hi! That's Me Cheese! Hello World Love Mykidsareawesome
Pure Simplicity Hi! That's Me Taking Photos Love That's Me
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Relaxing Love
Yummy! Delicious Food Yummy♡ Delicious
Yummy! Delicious Food Yummy♡ Delicious
At home like.... Hi! That's Me Cheese! Desire Bonnie&Clyde
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Relaxing Love
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Cheese! That's Me Hi! Mykidsareawesome Mykids Family❤
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Relaxing Taking Photos
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Love Check This Out
Queen Beautiful Women Desire Forgotten Realms Kings Reproduction EARTHLING EyeEm Nature Lover Beautiful Nature
Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Check This Out Cheese! Bonnie&Clyde OneDay. Someday... Nottoosoon
4/20 Medicine Smoking Weed Weed Life Getting Inspired Stimulation Mind  Burn1 Letsburnsome Enjoying Life
Currychickenrice Bbqribs Garlic Toast Collards Yummy♡ What's For Dinner? Delicious Dinner Time Yummy! Delicious Food
My kids picked these for me❤️ Taking Photos Enjoying Life Check This Out Love Family❤ Family Matters OTF ❤ Foe Mykidsareawesome Mykidsmyworld
4/20 Happy 4/20  Stonergirl Smoke Weed Burn1 Hempfest Weed Life Four Twenty 2015
M&M's filled sugar cookie huge! Pretty Treats :D Sweet♡ Sweets Sweet Treats  Treats Yummy♡ Delicious Snack Yummy Foodporn
Blue raspberry cupcakes Sweet Treats  Treats Yummy♡ Delicious Easter Yeah Springtime! Delicious ♡ Yummy! Yummy :) Foodphotography
Easter 2015 Enjoying Life Check This Out Marshmallows Custom Ricecrispytreats M&m's Sweet Treats  Delicious Yummy♡ Foodphotography
Taking Photos Check This Out Hi! That's Me Having Dinner Yummy♡ What's For Dinner? Enjoying A Meal Foodporn Foodphotography
Hi! Hanging Out Hello World Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Enjoying Life Relaxing Taking Photos Selfie ✌
Sometimes Kilts Rain Overthinking Killitwithfire Overthinking=death Check This Out Technology I Can't Live Without Geek YasssssssBitch Geeking
Drinking A Latte Custom Marshmallows Hot Beverage My. Dog Mypet My Laptop Relaxing Time Kickmyfeetup
Enjoying A Meal Yummy♡ Delicious Dinnertime! What's For Dinner? Taking Photos Steak Foodporn Foodphotography Having Dinner
Foe OTF ❤ Foe Family❤ Family Matters Blood Cousins ❤ My Favorite  Cousin Love DAY UNO!
Natural Beauty Geek Geeking Geeklife Technology I Can't Live Without My Laptop Tv Cable Playstation3 MyRoom
Brownrice Fried Rice Dinner Time What's For Dinner? Yummy♡ Delicius♥ Delicious Yummy! Awesome Chef
Steak Onions Pepper Oven Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ What's For Dinner? Dinner Time YasssssssBitch Relaxing
Smoked Turkeywings Chopped Gravy Onions Green Peppers Yummy♡ Delicious Food Whatsfordinner Yummy!
Sweet Chill Relaxing Latte Marshmallows Whippedcream Laptop Mydog♡ Turnip Life Love
Five 5 Five Lips Red Grills Lips Luciouslips
Long Day Rest Relax Restandrelaxation R&or Bottle Wine Shutter Home Merlot Much Needed.
Pizzahut ❤ Gottahaveit Pizza Pizzalovers Callingallpizzalovers Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ Creative Partyfood YasssssssBitch
Better Together Dinner Time What's For Dinner? Yummy♡ Delicious Bbqribs BakedMacNCheese Greenbeans Cornbread Yummy :)
That moment ya butt gains weight!😜👌🏾👍 Ripped Jeans Rippedpants Ripped Waistline Bootylicious Juicy Soft YasssssssBitch Gotmyweightup Canttellmeshit
Baked Goods Baked BakedMacNCheese Macncheese Macaroni And Cheese Dinner Time Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ Whatsfordinner Bakedmac
BBQ Bbqribs Baked Sticky Sauce Diner Time  Yummy♡ Yummy! Whatsfordinner Delicious ♡ Pork
I need I need!! Shoes High Heels Shoes ♥ Heels Different Black Straps Summertime Whereareyou? Lovethem♥
Desert Beauty Chocolate Cake♥ Layeredup Two Layers Chocolate♡ I Love Chocolate! Yummy♡ Delicious What's For Desert?
What's For Dinner? Dinnertime! Yummy♡ Yummy Delicious Food Fried Chicken Peas Macncheese
Just us Just Us... Mydog♡ Cute Pets My Laptop Hanging Out Hello World Taking Photos Enjoying Life Relaxing Love
Quotes Quote Of The Day  Words Women Weed Weather Spring Has Arrived Throwsummo Love Great Views
Selfportrait Sefie♡ That's Me Kisess Love Humbled Beauty Inner Peace Self Sufficiency Oneofakind
Starving Pizza Two Of A Kind Slices Of Life Sicilian Pepperonipizza Lunch Break Yummy Delicious ♡ Yummy♡
Customizing Piza Pizza SLICE Cheese Pizza Time Lunch Time! Pizzaria Slices Of Life Customized
Snatched Heart Love Pure Decisive Moment BEATS Lust Imagination Woman Power Powerful Image
Breakfast Pancakes Eggs Bacon Maple Syrup Yummy♡ Yummy Delicious Breakfast ♥ Cheflife
My Time Mydays Rst Relaxing Mommylife Enjoying Life Hanging Out Dolo Inner Peace Metime
ExpressYourself Borneolady #momtomykids #me Hello World Enjoying Life Kids Mykidsareawesome Baking With Mommy Kids Art Cake♥ Confetti
Today's  Agenda Quotes Lifequotes Quoteoftheday Daily
Photography Prints Taking Photos Photo Photographer Love EyeEm Nature Lover Pictures Pics Popular Photos
Thebest Baked Goods Chocolate♡ Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresfromtheoven Yummy♡ Snack Time! LastNight Chocolates Yessssssss
Breakfast Crossant Jelly Bannanas Sliced Coffee Healthy Food Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ Tuesday
MYLO! Where u at? There u go😍 say cheese!!!😁 this what he gives me❤️ I love me some him Family❤ Pets Cute Pets My Pets Petstagram Petslife Pet Photography  Pet Love I Love My Dog My Dog
Quotes Quoted Life Quotes Quoteoftheday Feeling Blessed Blessed  still praying tho everyday ill never stop 🙏n Rainy Days Expression ExpressYourself TGIF!
MySON♥ MyBoy Mommasboy Mommasbaby Marleyg Son Mykidsareawesome Mykidsmyworld M&m's Family❤
Turkey Necks Black Beans Rice Corn Dinner Dinner Time What's For Dinner? Yummy♡ Delicious Lazyday
Show Us Your Thirty Happy Birthday! My Birthday Happybirthaytome!. Taking Photos Enjoying Life That's Me Selfportrait Selfie ✌ Yesterday
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cake♥ Happ Birthday Birthdaygirl My Birthday Birthday Girl Love ♥ Cake Cake Cake Cake  Show Us Your Thirty happy birthday Shanell
My Bday Birthday Girl Cake♥ Face Birthday Cake Happy Birthday! My Birthday Birthdaygirl Birthday Party Show Us Your Thirty
Favorite Spot ;) Lazyday He Tired Lolz Love ♥ Relaxing CrazyHair Dog Love I Love My Pet I Love My Dog MYLOVE<3
Double Exposure Double Trouble Taking Photos Enjoying Life That's Me Times2 Natural Beauty Bfriend Love ♥ Selfie
Sundaysdinner Sunday Dinner Baked Porkchop French Cut Beans Blue Berry Cornbread Shells Mac N Cheese Yummy♡ What's For Dinner?
MINDLESS BEHAVIOR Mindless Galaxy Universe Myrealm Realm MyWorldInPictures Run Away & Warning YOU'VE BEEN WARNED
Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! That's Me Cheese! Relaxing Bedhairdontcare CrazyHair Selfie
Earlier Today Lunch Chicken Finger Sandwich Fruit Punch Rye Bread Red Red Plates Yummy♡ What's For Lunch? Delicious ♡
Migos Qc 300 3hunna Tour Concert Albany New York Washington Ave The Armory
1stconcert Concert Migos Albany New York Upstateny YRN Qc Excited :) Early Bday Gift Vip
Heaven Chocolate♡ Dark Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake Everything Chocolate SLICE Cake♥ I Love Chocolate! Desert Yummy♡
Gamer PS4 CallOfDuty Grandtheftauto5 2K15 Oldie  Mynights Bfriend Past Memories
Dark Chocolate ♥ Cake♥ Baked Goods Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ Desert What's For Dessert Chocolate Cake Chocolate Time Love ♥
Yummy♡ Delious Small Portions With Big Ego Soulfood Takeout What's For Dinner? Dinnertime Snowy Days... Partyplatter Meal
Myview Today Snow ❄ My Hood Winter Wonderland White Seasonscollection Snowy Days... Outside Photography How's The Weather Today?
Snack Cupofcookies Chocolate♡ Cookies Chocolatechipcookies Baked Goods Yummy♡ Delicious Chocolatechip Lovechocolate
Yummy♡ What's For Dinner? LastNight Stickywings Honeymustard Stringbeans Chesebroccolirice Cornbread Dinner Delicious ♡
Mypetisbetterthanyours MyLove❤ Mybed Myviewcurrently Curledup Sleeping I Love My Dog Pet Photography  Pet Mypet ❤️
Different Is Better . ❤ BeDifferent <33  Different Indifference Indiferent Enjoying Life That's Me Heart ❤
Baked Goods Cornbread Yellow Freshouttheoven Baked Yummy♡ Fresh Bread What's For Dinner? Delicious ♡ SLICE
Honeymustard BBQ Stickywings Honey Mustard Sticky Chicken Wings Chicken Yummy♡ What's For Dinner? Last nights dinner?
Life Quotes Apple Colors Sliced Assortment Apples Different Is Better . ❤ Love Fruits Healthy Food
Breakfast Frenchtoaststicks Pancakes Minis Sausages Plate Yummy♡ Delicious ♡ Hungry! Taste Good
Late Night Snack Snack Snack Time! Midnight Snack Snacking Pretzels Minis Salted Mustard Yummy♡
My World! Takeover Destruction Rippedapart Heartbreaker Heart ❤ Destroyer Selfdefense Defense Mechanism Prepared my next self defense mechanism?
Pisces Babi  Piscesroyalty Pisces Baby Pisces Power March Birthday Sign Astrology Water Sign Fish Love Being A Pisces 3/11 JUST WAIT ON IT!!????
Who says u can't have breakfast & desert?? SWEEEET❤️ Weekend Yummy♡ Chocolate♡ Made Brownies  Pancakes Sausages Sweettoothcravings Choclate Breakfast Silver Dollar Pancakes ?
Brownies Made Brownies  Chocolate♡ Yummy♡ Love Freshouttheoven Simplicity.  Chocoholic Snack Time! Weekend