New Orleans ,Flashy Nigga ,Live Fast Die Young, All about a dollar nigga !!!! Follow me on IG Gee_Flamingo !!!
Wavy !!!!!
Thuggin today fwm tho !!!!!
brightest thing in the street nigga !!!!!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Fuck a nigga let'em get his hate on !!!
Flexin !!!!
me and tee chillin class bored as fuck !!!!
Hanging Out
Flexin in this bitch !!!!
Up still flightin !!!!!
Hanging Out
Thuggin round town !!!!
Feels good out foreal !!!!
Last King Shxt !!!!!
Flexin in this bitch !!!!
My lil bad bitch Shayna !!!!!
Fuckin around today !!!!
Work Flow !!!!
Up early as fuck fwm tho
Happy Friday !!!!!
Me My nigga Kolby and Mike Fucked up !!!!
My bestfriend Marianna hahaha
enough said !!!
fun ass party !!!!
Me and my bestfriend lil shayn shayn !!!!
Fun ass night !!!!
Hanging Out