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Gaurav Saraswat
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Close-up of hand with ice cream in glass
Close-up portrait of man wearing sunglasses
High angle view of people in market
Portrait of a smiling young woman sitting on table
Close-up of ring
Close-up of vegetables
Close-up of flowers
Close-up of water drops on pink flower
Close-up of hand holding christmas tree
Close-up of dessert on table
High angle portrait of dog sitting
Close-up view of red wine
Close-up of illuminated christmas lights against black background
Close-up of tree
Close-up of strawberries on table
Close-up of food on plate
Young woman over white background
Close-up of flowers blooming outdoors
High angle view of breakfast in bowl
Close-up of multi colored candies
Close-up of flower over black background
Close-up of red flower
Close-up of buddha statue
Close-up of ice cream on table
Close-up of table
Illuminated candles against sky at night
Close-up of fruit on tree
Portrait of a smiling young couple
Close up of objects
Close-up of smiling girl at home
Close-up of wet glass window in rainy season
Aerial view of camera
High angle view of breakfast on table
Young woman sitting in car
Low section of two people
Portrait of smiling young woman standing on beach
Multi colored christmas decoration against sky
Close up of empty drinking glass
Close-up of red water
Happy young woman enjoying in water
Rear view of a man in temple
Close-up of human hand
Man wearing mask outdoors
Rear view of a woman walking on road
Low section of man legs
Illuminated lights on shelf
View of built structure
Deck chair against built structure
Close-up of young man
Rear view of a man
Portrait of smiling boy swimming in pool
Children playing in swimming pool at beach
Young woman wearing sunglasses standing against sea
Flower plants against brick wall
Built structure
Full length of shirtless boy on beach
People at night
Close-up of hand against sky
Close-up of flower plant
Sunlight streaming through tree
View of building
Close-up of potted plant
Illuminated lights at night
Low angle view of historical building
Close-up of flag
Close-up of piano keys
Full frame shot of objects
Close-up of hand on car
Close-up of text on paper
Close-up of table
Close-up of white flowers blooming outdoors
Close-up of drink on table
Close-up of sand
Close-up of frangipani on water
Close-up of spider on web
Close-up of butterfly perching on plant
Close-up of butterfly on plant
Close-up of hand holding leaf
Full frame shot of leaf
Close-up of red drink
Close-up of insect on hand
Close-up of water
Close-up view of green leaf
Close-up of lit candle against black background
Full frame shot of metal structure
Reflection of people on side-view mirror of car
Low angle view of multi colored umbrellas against sky
Low angle view of fireworks against sky at night
Close-up of illuminated tea light candles
Rear view of man walking on road
Close-up of text on hand
Close-up of plant
Directly above shot of pizza on plate
Close up of pattern
Statue in city at night
Portrait of young woman
Close-up of text
Full frame shot of textured surface
Railroad station against sky
View of open door

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