Eng Chuan, Ong


I love sharing...
Hi sweetie, ehy you growing so fast!? ??
Still far to my target speed...sigh
Bike Sunday Good Morning Workout training day.
Daydreaming Bicycle Relaxing recently, I always have illusion of this.???
Chase the car! Bike Good Morning Relaxing
Shot of the day Bike Good Day Mother Nature Life
Riding fun Good Morning Relaxing Monday Holiday
My fixed menu for entire secondary school life. And it's still cheap! Food Memory School
Beach Beach Relaxing Good Morning Waves
Little shell creature! Life Survival Beatiful Mother Nature
Sunset Sunset Camp Beach
Break Personal Record by shorten 1 minute...I will take it as improvement anyway. Hahaha!! Roadbike Personal Ahcievement Satisfaction
A short break with some street food as breakfast. Heritage Penang Rest Stop Good Morning
It's time! ????
Morning faster come...I want to cycle! Bike Good Morning Happy Weekend !!!
Road bike!!
Do it now! Or never..
Sunday Morning...today push way too much, cannot break personal record...:-/
Peak! Happy Determined Penang
It's torture cycling day! Bike Enjoying Life Tired
Part of of my dream! Bike Enjoying Life
Virgin Ride...95% good feels. Bike First Satisfaction
My dearest baby..I promise will take good care on you.....I am so excited!!! ahhh!!! P.S. Mr. Pedal faster reach! Bike Love Happy Very Happy! (:
90km shoot down! Tired Satisfy
Team cycling tomorrow...first try on the alum frame bike. Challenge
Saturday meet.
不管多久的時間,說到做到大丈夫! That's Me Bike Enjoying Life Determined
Selfie Penang Hiking 只要有爬上山的堅持就會有機會瞭解下山的痛快!
Bike also need a pit stop to rest. Bike Friends
Cycling Day Life Bike Tired
cycling like a boss Bike
Cycling day Cycling Sea Workout
To get or not to get...this is a question???
Breakfast like a boss. @@!! Malaysian Food
Mr Hugo
Malaysian Coffee Style - Kopi Panas Malaysian Food Coffee Culture
Beloved Candies..Nyam Nyam Nyam!
My pair of fatigue legs..haha!
肉骨茶 - 檳城地道晚餐 ,甲叭叭!
Le meter and le stranger's legs xD
The bike on the ferry. From home to Penang heritage area - Accomplished! Penang Ferry Bike
Time 530am - New Challenge Accepted! Cycling
The night we camp for sunrise, boil water for coffee and cup noodle. Insomnia Cold Interesting
My childhood roti Malaysian Food Local Nostalgia Miss
Thinking my next cycling route, hehehe!i am so happy!:D Happy Selfie Cycling Hehehe
路邊野花不要採 Flowers
Sunrise Hope Good Morning!
One Piece trust!
Always want to sprint when I'm with this pair of glove. Sprint Free Cycling Training
Wohnglück Cute I guess he is comfort? Haha! Tickle tickle!
It's time. Enjoying Life Sweet Sweat Nolookback
Road trip Thinking Bike
Reading Philosophy Books Blur If I can finish this while book....this is a question.
Love I love you, my ex.
Footprints Travel Taiwan Selfie Farewell Taiwan!
Food Eat Taiwan eat to live, live to eat.
Food Eat Taiwan Eat to live, live to eat.
Don't stop. 草悟道 Walk Relaxing Cool
Life Fight PatienceAlone life is about fighting alone.
Never thought that writing postcard could be so much fun! Postcard Friends Love Appreciate
Ancient Architecture Deep Thoughts Wet
Ice Cream High Night Market
Traveling Backpacker Slipper  Plaster
Taiwan 101
Taipei 101 Taiwan Hill On A Hike
Raining Nostalgia Girl Umbrella
Movie Theater Old 100 Years Old
Mud Foot Fresh Air Enjoy Life
Strawberry Sweet Cold Days Satisfaction
National Flag Farm Backpackers Journey Into The Light spot the flags.
Seed Organic Farm Farmer
Taichung, Railway Station Old Building  Cold Days
Art Paint Iphone 5
Cycling Windy Woodenbridge Relax
Hiking Nike Cycling Offday
Mustang Dream Car American Muscle
Strike A Pose! Confident  Fight Never Give Up
Chinese Style Red Wooden Door History
Kaohsiung, Taiwan ArtWork Statue Colorful
Escalator Subway Light Life Journey
Backpack Life Journey
Street Lamp Broken Lonely
Toy Anime Robot Japanese Style
Books Old Shop Second Hand Bookstore Warm
Look down to the long freeway, is just like the distance that separate me and you..far yet unreachable. Brokenheart Loveless
Selfie and Good Night
Taiwan street view Backpack
Street View Ancient Town
Fish Eye Old Street Beautiful Taiwan
Celsius 16 with thin tee and short pant, it makes me feel I am traveling!
Taiwan At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 (TPE) 台灣桃園國際機場 - 第二航廈 Milk
If you are tired, go travel.
Hugo, the companion. Husky
Old is always better.