iPhone photos of life, food and people in Rome, Italy
Porta Settimiana, Rione Trastevere
Tiber river, spring and positive outlook
One mile of Peace and Gay Pride from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, in Roma Christmas
Ghost rider, Termini Station Streetphotography
lunch break, Rome Roma
Wine Wine Tasting
in the @cecchiwinery vines I picked small bunches with tightly clustered berries, as instructed by Piero, the agronomist. Vineyard Tuscany Italy
Vintage Signs Typography Restaurant Roma
GetYourGuide Cityscapes Streetphotography
Strolling to the Colosseo on the new pedestrian Via dei Fori Imperiali. GetYourGuide Cityscapes Rome
GetYourGuide Cityscapes Via del Tritone || Traforo __ Rome, Italy
GetYourGuide Cityscapes Roma è la mia città, nel bene e nel male.
Exactly 174 years ago today, photography was invented. it took 8 hrs to take a photo, nowadays it takes less than a second and in the same lapse of time, the image can be shared online, connected to millions of other photos, people and places. thanks to this more and more people have access to photography, ad fall in love with it. Thanks to mobile photography we can share precious life moments with family and friends all over the world. We are living the most exciting moment in photography ever.
Public Transportation
Sunny Morning
Photo Streetphotography Rome GetYourGuide Cityscapes
New Year's Day ritual: a toast with pink Champagne, eat 3 white grapes, and touch gold. #2012
Happy New Year!
On The Table
Nasone, AD 1875 circa
Unfiltered, uncropped
910 passenger #horine
This may be the answer to my instagram dilemma