iPhone-Fotos von
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High angle view of ducks swimming in lake
Exterior of old building
Trees and houses on field against sky
Building on field against sky
Low angle view of trees in forest against sky
View of a bird on the ground
Empty road amidst buildings against sky in city
Abandoned cart on field against trees in forest
Information sign on road amidst trees in forest
Snow covered tree by building against sky
High angle view of mushrooms growing on field
Close-up of tree trunk in forest
Close-up of old statue
Reflection of buildings on glass window
Empty chairs and tables at sidewalk cafe by buildings in city
Full frame shot of building
Close-up of vintage car on street
Scenic view of snow covered mountains against sky
Statue on snow covered landscape during winter
Side view of vintage car on road
Illuminated street amidst buildings against sky at dusk
Road by buildings against sky at dusk
Low angle view of crane against sky
Staircase in old building
Full frame shot of sea water on land
Road by building in city
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Low angle view of building against sky
Scenic view of lake in forest
Old abandoned machinery on field
Statue of woman at home
View of city street and buildings against sky
Sculpture of buddha statue
Low angle view of crane by building against sky
Bare trees against blue sky seen through window
Rear view of man standing at lakeshore
Scenic view of lake against clear blue sky
Low angle view of illuminated bridge at night
Bridge over river against sky
Reflection of trees in lake against sky
Reflection of bare trees in lake
Close-up of wine glasses on table
High angle view of wine glasses on table
View of empty subway
Mid section of a mannequin
Full frame shot of escalator
Full frame shot of illuminated lights
Close-up of multi colored light painting
Low angle view of yellow factory against sky