"My head's under water, but I'm breathing fine. You're crazy and I'm out of my mind"
beautiful tulip Flower Porn Flower
Moon Stars Love Cares misses
Which totally feels amazing right? Pain Ignored FuckingAwesome Awesome
Trying something new Vitacoco . Ps I hate Coconuts
Iwona sitting all lady like. What a Beautiful Labradoodle . Dog
This handsome little man decided we should cuddle before work. I second that. Cat Handsome Glasses RAYBANDS lesbihonest lesbian girlswholikegirls girlswithshorthair
Omg Zinga is SO MUCH BETTER then OrangeLeaf !!!! Zingaseabrook Zinganh
So I got bored, cleaned up my hair, then pinned it back and put it up. I'm thinking of just shave it all off. I'm so bored with it.
Breakfast for Dinner ?
Omg Strawberries and Tiramisu is a must. Foodporn
Omg these were so freaking Yummy Saut éed Mussels Foodporn
Omg I have the best people in my life. This is Benson yes she is wearing Starwars Pajamas and Pink bows. My bestfriend is absolutely amazing :) bestbirthdayever
Omg really Yummy Sangria Awesome Birthday
Tis a GummyBear War . Gummy Bear cute
Well I guess I've Lost more Weight then I thought. Yay weightloss
I miss the Ocean , Summer , and Bonfires . Blue summertime summertimesaddness photography photooftheday beautiful beautifulday instagood happy happiness tbt
I can't wait for Summer , Campfires , Beers and Greatfriends
Hope you having a good day. Stpatricksday
So right now I'm stuck at a Weight but I keep reminding myself in 38lb down bad I only have 42lb to go. I can't wait to finally reach my goal.
TBT  I use to Draw when I was Bored but now I don't have time. School was the only time I could Doodle . girl undressed lesbian girlwholikesgirls lesbehonest lezziegram instagay photooftheday followers
TBT  forgot to do a Beautiful Flower from Pennsylvania
I know I'm one day late but this is my TBT  Cruising around in Boston Beautiful sunny day icantwaitforsummer summer
Well hello there margarita. I've missed you ?
Yup I still have it and my secret napkin letter. Mwahahaha!!!! ?
No only is my Bestfriend absolutely Amazing . She is also incredibly Awesome for putting up with me and my crap everyday, especially recently. I can't tell you how much it means to me. Thank you, thank you.
TBT  OBEY RAYBANDS Bejealous BobMarley tshirt gauges hazeleyes 4g nosering mohawk afrohawk mixed mixxed girlswithshorthair girlswhokissgirls girlsthatlikegirls lesbian lesbiansofinstagram stemme stem girl instagood instalike photography photoftheday hair fun eyes
Holy Morning Hair ! afrohawk Mohawk Mixed mixxed hazeleyes eyes girlswhokissgirls girlsthatlikegirls girlswithshorthair girl instagood instalike lesbian lesbiansofinstagram nosering raybands stem stemme plugs 4g
Love a Girl with Nopants
FINALLY Ellenpage came out ?
I must say this Tshirt is Awesome Happyvalentinesday Valentinesday valentines vday funny silly
I have the Cutest Bestfriend EVER. She is the Strongest , Smartest , most amazing, kind, loving and caring women I know.
I wish Girls would understand that I'd rather see your Soul Naked then your Body . Keep your clothes on and open your heart that's the sexiest thing a girl can do, no it's just plain sexy when anyone does it.
:) snack time
Yummy frosting
Look at the perfect spelling :) Seven 7 Amazing speller
Fucktoday Cat MiddleFinger Flippingthebird morning.
Truth Hurts
Awe!!!! What a nice ending to a hard day.
Sleepy Cat waiting to Cuddle in my bed ? Beautiful cute
Really Bored and can't Sleep ? yay!!!!
Yummy I made Chocolate Peanutbutter Cookies with @tarah_xoxo_
I Love this Quote . Girl Ocean sad daydream dangerous
Haha Selfie . Disney Amazing Liloandstitch love that movie girl aloha photopftheday fight cool
Love this Quote I think I Want it as a Tattoo .
Awe she such a Cute Sleepy Cat
Don't worry guys I've got this Yay Single
DOPE Bestfriend got me the Perfect Christmaspresent . Thank you and a couple others for making my crappy Christmas awesome.
Dealing with Stupidpeople on a nice RainyDay . Well guess what everything can always be Fixed with a Bigsweatshirt .
These WILL be very similar to my future children Lilith and Liam. Bluenose Bluenosepitbull Bluefawn Bluefawnpitbull pitbull
Where are you Christmas. Why can't I find you? Our second Christmastree outside. Christmas Tree Christmaslights lights
Coolest  Nightlight ever Theworld
I think that her Finals are finally getting to her. No not the Cat the girl behind her.
My MiddleFinger really Hurts Sadface Pain hazeleyes nosering gauges 4g hoodie HPU HighPointUniversity
PitchPerfect with my little sister :D
You could say she loves me Kittykisses Kisses Adorable Cat cuteness
My sleep girl loves to Cuddle sometimes. Badday plus Adorable Cat equals happiness sleepy cuteness
She mad because I keep moving Cat Greeneyes Hazeleyes Sleepy
Omg I'm so in love. I want these like ASAP Urbanbodyjewelry Gauges Kickass Killer dope sick wickedawesome
When I get Bored I make FunnyFaces Gauges Nosering raybans haircut fresh sofreshandcleanclean mixed mixxed stemme stem kickass dope girlswithshorthair girlsthatlikegirls lesbian lesbiansofinstagram girlswhokissgirls
I Love my World . Kickass Map awesomeness wicked cool dope killer be jealous
I want this sweatshirt so bad :) NOH8 Kickass DOPE Girlsthatlikegirls lesbian lesbiansofinstagram girlswhokissgirls
What the hell? It's not as Red as I wanted Newhaircut Haircut Fresh sofreshandcleanclean kickass neat mixed mixxed dope gauges nosering and raybans
A HEAD Full of Fear has no Space for dreams
Who need Dirtytext from a girl in the Morning when you have a Bestfriend that leaves you Cutemessages like this? work goodmorning happy iloveyoutoo
Oreo 's and I should never be together Weird things happen when they are around. CrazyHair Goodmorning
Chilling in my Toyota Corolla on a Sunny Windy day rocking my neff, gauges nosering and raybans. Wishing I was with you.
I think I Love Corona :)
No I'm not taking up your whole Bed . Good thing your Cute Cat .
Awe I found my Baby all stretched out on my Bed :) I Love this Cat
Well Shit I'm Good ☺️
My Favorite Girl to Cuddle with. She's just too Cute . cat silly sleep
Awe new Baby Chicks , but Ew then they turn into Nasty chikens -_-
But no one can -_-
My favorite book.
One right after another
Create the Dream be Wild at Heart
We're all Searching for Someone whose Demons Play well with ours
I want this Tattoo but in White . Your Throat here
Me too
My HEAD feels like a Storm Tonight
Don't get too close it's dark inside.
Sometimes I feel like Giving Up , then I remember I have a list of Motherfuckers to Prove wrong ☺️
Yes!!!!!! Lesbians Lesbian Fact Awesome amazing mysideshurt snl
Oh my Customers are Amazing . This made my Morning :)