David Hauoli


Don't Follow Your Dreams, Chase It ✨✨✨
The Only Place Where I Will Throw My Fist And Stance Up...
Getting Back At It :) #boxing #lifting #newlife
Keep It Classy, Not Thrashy
Typical Sayings
Merry Christmas And Happy Birthday Jesus #partyingforyou #gettingdrunk #enjoy
Shooting that cruise
Chasing Dreams..People Who Doubted Me,I Thank Them..
Cookie For Days :)
Early Christmas present from myself :)
Real talk never regret
Family In And Out Of The Cage or Ring.... Maui's And Molokai's Finest.. Love Them #CMBC #Molokai's Finest
Tryna get my body back since I'm sticking at 135
Boxers stats, sweating it out for states
Winner straight outta central maui boxing club...
Haley Pasion Oahu's Finest Boxer... And Me Maui's Up Coming Boxer Ginna Be Famous
Taking a look at the beauty of paradise in my own eyes
Laying down in the car hangin and listening to music