David Buchholz


20 German, 9 Months Australia / Newcastle. Insta: buchholzdavid
Food Porn Enjoying Life Being All Healthy And Shit Hanging Out Vitaminschock ;)
What Does Peace Look Like To You? Life Is A Beach Hello World Enjoying The Sun
Bonn hat einen neuen Mitbürger Hello World Enjoying Life Nofilter Relaxing Ich bin gespannt was du mir bringen wirst ?
No filter - the festival buddies! Enjoying Life Friendship That's Me Today's Hot Look :D
Hello World Enjoying Life Life Is A Beach Sunset No filter, we took that google-like snapshot @whitsundays in australia on our sailing boat.
Friends Friendship That's Me Enjoying Life
Breakfast Foodporn Enjoying Life Being Healthy And Shit
Travelling Life Is A Beach Enjoying Life Hello World no filter, fraser island, best group ever, thank you guys!
Middle of nowhere, no filter used, mobile phone shot. Sunset Travelling Taking Photos
Paradise Beach Sunset Life Is A Beach Taking Photos Travelling
Nofilter Breakfast Foodporn Enjoying Life My typical weekend breakfast in Newcastle, usually followed by crumpets with honey or a hot buttered toast with vegemite, love it!
Nofilter Travelling Hello World That's Me
Travelling Enjoying Life Check This Out Hello World
Check This Out Enjoying Life Life Is A Beach That's Me
That's Me Enjoying Life Life Is A Beach Check This Out
That's Me Check This Out Enjoying Life Life Is A Beach
Sunset Life Is A Beach Beach Sun My favourite beach, No filter
Breakfast Foodporn Enjoying Life Nofilter With extra strawberries @ MAX BRENNER Chocolate Restaurant
Christmas Fun That's Me Hi!
Being Healthy And Shit Foodporn Eating Healthy Healthy Selfmade italian pasta salad
Cheese! Taking Photos That's Me Having Fun Hahah what a great picture! No Filter
Enjoying Life Hanging Out Life Is A Beach Sunset Skimboarding, Coke, Relaxing, Nobody around, Snapshot
Self Portrait That's Me Enjoying Life Sunset Just got my confirmation for uni. Law in Bonn. Travel or study, that's the question! What would you do?
Beach Nofilter Relaxing Sunset
Hello World Enjoying Life That's Me Hi!
Enjoying Life Icecream Enjoying The Sun Enjoying A Meal
Friends Enjoying Life Beer Hello World Prost!
That's Me Hello World Enjoying Life Holidays BMS 14
Enjoying The Sun Hello World Enjoying Life Holidays
New shoes. First ride. Enjoying Life Taking Photos Hanging Out Hello World
Enjoying Life That's Me Check This Out Holidays
That's Me Portrait Smile Hanging Out fun snapshot
Holidays Enjoying Life That's Me Hanging Out Merry Christmas to all of you!
Blue Mountains That's Me Enjoying Life Hello World non-edited. On a journey to an unknown destination.
Foodporn In My Mouf Enjoying A Meal Taking Photos First try to make pancakes. Vanillaicecream, original maplesyrup, strawberries, bananas.
Hanging Out Enjoying Life Travelling Romantic Shit
Self Portrait Cheese! Drunk Long Weekend
God Fun Urban Partynight
Hi! Cheese! Selfie Australia
Selfie Car Bored Waiting
My first muffins ever Halloween Muffins Oreo
Enjoying A Meal In My Mouf Foodporn prawnnoodles
Party Toilet Nightclub
Shit I'm a good male baker! Muffins Baking Choclate
Coconut Hot Pool
Chilling in the pool! Fletcher Australia Pool Sun