Brooklyn Theory


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NYC. Kik: BrooklynTheory
Streetart Walking Around Exploring Art
I See Face On The Road Blackandwhite Hanging Out
Streetphotography Painting People Watching Walking Around
Streetphotography Crossing Color Street Style
Streetart Urban Landscape Graffiti Art
Nature Landscape Sunrise Water Reflections
Snow Nobrella Overkill Streetphotography
Signs Stop Snow In My Hood
Winter Snow Shoveling Streetphotography
Snow On The Corner Umbrella Streetphotography
Bar Bathroom Bathroom Sleep Signs JJ Slept Here 6-1-96
Travelling On The Road Railroad Snow
On The Road Nature Landscape Dawn
Street Fashion Streetphotography Walking Around People Watching
Crossing The Street Streetphotography In My Hood Soaking Up The Sun
Snow Taxi Streetphotography On The Corner
Richard Serra Art Sculpture Gallery
Rain Walking Around Juxt WPPhoto WeAreJuxt
Taxi Dirty Walking Around Snow
Skating Ice Skating People Watching Blackandwhite
Man Down Santa Juxt WPPhoto WeAreJuxt
Polar Bear 2014 Polar Bear Plunge Swimming
Skateboard Skateboarding Streetphotography Urban Geometry
Skull Skulldiggery Window Shopping
Walking Around Streetphotography Snow Color
Abandoned Landscape Nature Snow
NYPD Streetphotography Fashion People Watching
Subway Streetphotography Reading Notes From The Underground
Stairs Autumn Autumn Leaves Walking Around
Brooklyn Bridge  Architecture WeAreJuxt Wpphoto
Veterans Day 2013 Flag WeAreJuxt Wpphoto
At The Museum Streetphotography Gorilla Diorama
Streetphotography Hard Work Street Life Color
Streetphotography Superman Flag Americana
Streetstyle Fashion Walking Around Streetphotography
On The Corner Streetphotography Graffiti Streetart
Tires Blackandwhite In My Hood Streetphotography
Payphones In My Hood Trash Overgrown
Streetphotography Reflection Mirror Crossing The Street
Graffiti In My Hood Monster Urban Geometry
Streetphotography Street Style Heart Candid
Crossing Blackandwhite Reflection Puddle
Streetart Streetphotography In My Hood Urban Landscape
Streetphotography Candid Kisses Focus On The Beauty In Life
Streetphotography Nyartbookfair Opening Shades
Ride Or Die Streetphotography Cycling The Headless Man
Shopping Walking Around Streetphotography Colors
Texting Candid Streetphotography Street Style
Art Art Gallery Streetphotography White
Streetphotography Blackandwhite Reflection Puddleography
Streetart In My Hood Art Walking Around
Tribute In Light Never Forget Landscape September 11th
Streetphotography Bus Stop Reading Waiting
Streetphotography Walking Around Smoking Framed Life
Subway Streetphotography Focus On The Beauty In Life R Train
Walking Around Candid Street Style Streetphotography
Verrazano Bridge Walking Around Streetphotography Enjoying The Sun
Crossing The Street Streetphotography Looking Down Urban Geometry
Stairs Blackandwhite Door Streetphotography
Nike, Just Do It Jogging Streetphotography Flowers,Plants & Garden
Sleeping In My Hood Streetphotography Looking Tired
Focus On The Beauty In Life Street Art Signs Door
Streetphotography Rain Central Park Steps
Looking Out Streetphotography A Dogs Life Flowers,Plants & Garden
Streetphotography Blackandwhite Statue Of Liberty Looking Out
Streetphotography In My Mouf Banana Walking Around
Waiting Streetphotography Candid Street Style
Skateboarding Lines Streetphotography Blackandwhite
Ride Or Die Citi Bikes Streetphotography Cycling
Cool Streetphotography Candid Chilling
On Break Streetphotography Looking Tired In My Hood
Subway Station Streetphotography Subway Black And White
Ride Or Die Streetphotography Street Style Cycling
Streetphotography Rain Walking Around At The Park
Last Drink, I Promise Dive Bar Neon Lights
Sunset And Clouds  Skyline Landscape İ Love NY
Subway G Train Streetphotography Candid
Landscape Black And White İ Love NY Skyline
Streetphotography Walking Around Street Style Crossing The Street
Streetphotography Walking Around Old School On The Road
Streetphotography Blackandwhite Candid Subway
Flying Waiting Streetphotography American Flag
On The Road Blackandwhite Streetphotography Bikers
Dive Bar Drinking Light Blackandwhite
Bust  Streetphotography Fairground Attraction Balloons
American Flag Tattoo Fairground Attraction Manequin
Hanging Out Drinking American Flag At The Bar
Sleeping Flying High Candid Streetphotography
Puddleography Streetphotography Blackandwhite On The Corner
Walking Around Streetphotography Street Style Urban Geometry
Blackandwhite Streetphotography Light And Shadow Walking Around
Forbidden Streetphotography Candid Waiting
Blackandwhite Streetphotography Shadow Light And Shadow
Streetphotography Shadow Walking Around Blackandwhite
Streetphotography Hanging Out Candid Blackandwhite
Walking Around Streetphotography Blackandwhite Light And Shadow
Streetphotography In My Mouf Walking Around İ Love NY
Blackandwhite Streetphotography Walking Around Light And Shadow
Cooling Off Streetphotography In My In My Hood Blackandwhite
Architecture Blackandwhite Lookingup Urban Geometry