Bowei Yu

Street photographer, PhD candidate in civil engineering. With a Leica discovering the world around me. China and Australia
Bowei Yu
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Rear view of people walking on road at night
View of seagull perching on sign by sea against sky
Group of people sitting on built structure against sky
Bridge over river
High angle view of people on street in city
Close-up of food on table at home
Low angle view of cherry blossom tree
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Cat sleeping at home
Empty corridor of building
Stack of garbage on field
High angle view of toy on beach
View of empty subway
Rear view of men walking on footpath in city
Interior of abandoned train
Rear view of man standing in forest
View of trees in forest
Palm trees on field against sky
Low angle view of electricity pylon against clear sky
Rear view of man holding umbrella on road amidst plants
Low angle view of man standing against sky
Portrait of young woman standing in city during winter
Boat moored on river in city against sky
High angle view of men fishing in sea
Reflection of buildings in lake against sky
Close-up of text on retaining wall
Portrait of a young woman
Low angle view of old building under construction
Empty road sign
Street amidst buildings against sky in city