devante epps


Follow me ill follow back , fuck fake friends , no need for slangs bitch you know my name😤👐💯
I really do this ??
love came thru the front went our the back door ??
they say I'm reckless but I'm from glen oaks how you gone blame me ??
heaven waits for me ???
glen oaks high Teambadasx
me amd ladesha ??
glen oaks high 2k12 - 2k13
me & kierra ??
me and iyiana ?
terinee & I ??
i miss najahe ??
north banks 2k13-2k14
i love my babies ?? That's fam ✊
Car ride ???
I miss her ???
Glen oaks high 2k12-2k13 was live aab ???
north banks middle boring aab !
i had a good day ??
?? I fuck who I want and fuck who I don't !
Summer school !!
Capital middle ??
' if you dont want me then dont talk to me !
so many bitches on my dick i gotta ask them where my dick at
Happy Late Birthday
I love this lit crazy ass girl