took a photo,at the beach,seagull
took a photo , handmade bracelet,breast cancer
taking picture , myself , winter hat
took a photo,my birthday cake,
took a photo,on a sunny day,clouds
took a photo,sports and recreation,College dome Collected Community
Same piture,my friend took,just in shades of grey
beautiful picture that my friend took at the lake
New York City downtown in time square where the ball drops
taking photo, Starbucks Coffee shop,New York City,limo,
Taking photo ,NewYork City,Theater
Taking photo,New York City,
Taking photo New York City , City that does not sleep,fall2009
Collected Community New York City, Summer Vacation live Green Soldier Street Performer & Tourist Girls
Princess ,looking away, bubble bath
Princess,my dog,bed,beautiful
taking photo , with straight hair
taking photo, Me,in winter time
taking photo , opened, Christmas presents, 3:00am
taking photo,Princess playing, favorite balls
Princess , my dog, likes to play, dress-up
stuff i made with a hot glue gun and stickers
hand made bracelet that i made
Princess sleeping upside-down First Eyeem Photo