Arti Kamath


Lamps Colors Festivities India
Sunset Travel
Vanilla Oat Crumble Nutella Cupcakes
Vanilla Oat Crumble Nutella muffins
Midnightsnack Rainbow Sprinkles Vanilla teacup
Aw Pune's sad to see me go :') Rain Bus Tuptuptup
Happy Diwali, Pune! Lanterns Lights
Lunch Chicken Biryani
Best  Cardamom Tea Ever
My first Blackandwhite
OH MY GOD. ❤❤❤❤
Kuka! Best cold coffee chocolate shake ever ?
Lemp. ?
Mysore cheese masala dosa ❤
Chicken Thukpa ?
Memorabilia Bali Dragon Fridgemagnet
Abalone Ring Bali Sunset jewelry nailart ?
Tofu Chicken Shrimp Sausage broccoli balineserice zucchini lunch thoosing ?
Nasi Goreng Seafood Bali dinner nofilter foodporn
Salad Dinner Bali Sunset nofilter
So war-of-the-worlds-esque ? Gate67 T2 Byemumbye ?
Good Evening , Mumbai ! ?
No matter which pizza, burger, or fine dining joint you go to, home food will still be the bestest. Nofilter Home ?
The Papap discovering the many joys on Android ??
Chickenwings Nofilter Papajohns
Allmeatpizza Spicypepperoni Papajohns Nofilter stilldrooling
Blueberry Cheesecake Theobroma
Newyork Cheesecake Theobroma
Chocoholics Pastry Theobroma
Redvelvet Cupcake
Whattay mast present @kunalwanvari Welcome home Powerbank ? ?
Mushroom Spinach Quiche
Cheeseballs for Breakfast ?
Nomoreblur Emojisbackkk Yay Clickalltheeverythings ?
Mumbai :)
The world's most succulent pepper chicken, and the best meal I've had here. What a splendid last day :')
Now reading, Americana.
At a Perfumery <3 Broadway Cochin
En route to work. Nofilter
Chicken Stew in Bed Think I finally found my perfect comfort food :')
Jammies Rains and Working on a Sunday ^_^
View from the room Somuchblue Nofilter
Kathakali mask unpacking ^_^
At The Oven gorging on Hotchocolate and Muffins
Who can resist breakfast if this is the spread you wake up to :D Egg Appam Muffins Sausage
Seafood Bisque
Vintage Backwaters Kerala
Sunset Boattrip Kerala Backwaters
Perfection. :)
Cochin Port
Breakfast Chicken Stew Appam grilled sausage
That awesome travel show wala moment when local dinner is your dinner <3 Kappa and Chicken curry
Modak ^_^
Drums, crackers, pounding music, and little children dancing frantically for the visitor that Mumbai LOVES to welcome! GanpatiBappaMorya ! :D
And another year without getting a dog goes by. Let's hope for a different story next year Nationaldogday Keepingthehopealive :D
Spectacular end to a spectacular day! Sunset outside Saifee Mumbai
Yay PSP :D
Crème Brulé <3
Breakfast with the stars :p
Skyline Mumbai
Bombay Traffic Taillights
And now, I'm a new addition to the Westernrailways fanclub :D *Pudheel station Lower Parel
Chilli Vinegar
Blueberry Cheesecake
Malaysian Thai Noodles
Mumbai :')
There's something so incredibly romantic about listening to Floyd while traveling alone. ._.
Lantern Lights
So. Much. Cherry
Totapuri Mangoes Rawsalt Mumbairains Bliss
You know they're besties when they get you Hotchocolate inspite of knowing u won't share. Sick Dying Hotchocolated atpeace
Barren Tree Skyshot Bird
Squaredroid Tree Skyshot Clouds
Fried chicken Dinner Foodporn
Caramel Custard Bread Pudding mava cupcake merwans :'D
Skyshot Mumbaimetro Mumbai Homebound
Skyshot Clouds Sun
Skyshot Workday Sun Blue
Vintage Clock Office Decor
Every road leads Home <3
Who knew Bandra East could look this pretty in the night
View from Office Skyshot Over a cappuccino
Foliage Silhouette Mumbai Skyshot
Lemon Cooler ?
The ten year wait has finally ended Willy Wonka Nerds ?
Lychees with ice cream Foodporn <3
Dinner with the Mom and Dad Glitter on the table Woohoo :p
Mumbai Skyshot Steeple
Skyshots Mumbai
Monday Morning Happiness ?
Date with the Mom Tgif Ghaasphoos pijja?
Mumbai Monsoons ! Y u so beautiful :'D
Some people make a home in your heart and stay there forever. @sillsnimbussky , you're the bestest kumbhsissy I could've hoped to find :) :*
Bake day with the sissies :D BlackMagic Cupcakes ?
Piijjaaah! ? with the kumbhsissy @sillsnimbussky ?
Tarantino Nuffsaid