Andrew Tan


Interesting paintings
Coffee time
Restaurant with an awesome view
Busy morning
The alley way where great pork satay is made
Pork Trotters
Cendol with pulut
Curry Siew Yuk Noodles
Decent breakfast by the caretaker
The "must-try"s
Moonlight River :D
Wat Tan Hor
Ipoh Mali
Soy sauce squid
Collection of Books
Piccolo/Lengkuas&Lemonade/Lemon Curd Cheese
My colleague's junk food
Random Smokin' Finger
Miam Miam Spaghetti
Iced Matcha Latte w/ Softee and Berries Soda
April Fools Day
Turkey Ham & Mushroom
Hazel Twist
Lavender Cherry
HUGE Lunch
Pee pose
Latest fashion accessory
Morning hike
Piccolo Lattes & Nutella Mille Crepe
Sexy pose
Jungle man
The journey begins...
The Good Batch
The Ang Moh
Good Batch indeed- coffee, tea, alcohol, meals, and desserts First Eyeem Photo