~ I was put on the earth to be successful and live my life how I want it I follow my dreams and do what I have to #TeamNoLacking!~
Hey Eyeem Long Time No See ! #old
Yesterday :)
Today In Spanish Caught Raven Slipping !
The Substitude Was Too Cute !
Home From Skool!
For All Those Who Sat Ball Is Life !! LOL !
Yesterday !
Spent The Day With My Bestie Butt Watched Safe Haven Went Shopping And Out To Eat !
Hanging Out
Salad Made By Me!  :)
Yesterday Was A Good Day !
We Some Fools !
Me And My Twin !
Olympic 7s
These Doc Martens Are Really Cute !
Flicking It Up Before I Start My Homework !
Home Sweet Home !
Off To Skool ! :(
Off To The Mall With Mii Madre!
This Is Really Old , But Ima Fool !
Lmao Wen Boredom Strikes !
Excuse The Mirror! But Goodnight/ Morning Eyem!
On Who My Mom Cant Cook !
Boutah Hop In Le' Shower!
We Thought We Were So Cute! Me And Le' Bestfrann!
Old ... But Me And Abby !!
I Was Getting My Hair Done!!
#tbt Summer 2012
The Other Day.... I Guess I Look Good ! Lol !
Hello Eyem!
Im Different! <3
Home From Skool Had To Flick It Up Right Quick!!
Thnx Mommy!
St8 Flexing!!
Home From Skool!
Last Night ... But GoodMorning!!
I Love This Filter! ❤
Hate Being Sober!!
Im Uglyy!! But #Finnesse ! DTFL
The Things I Do When Im Bored!!
Homework Time !
Bout To Start My Homework
Hey !!