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only female im trusting #boutdat
: aint no bitch like the one i got
she got ah phatt ass she dnt care !
myy sissyy poooh <3
juss dnt kill my vibe
im dwn for my nigga when he dwn to his last
juss his kinda girlaa
far frm young mided
she goin ride this dick i had ah long day
my boyfriendddddd <3
aint shit wrong in my book
welcome to crystals world ( :
: ima boney gurla ina big girla world
: & of your bitch wan be like me tell her get on her grind
tired of fuckin w these lames
: all i see is $$$$$
: i will never let shit hold me back
: dear lord if i shall die take me as i am
: dnt slip dnt slip cause ah nigga might push up ob it
: i can take your bitch ina heart beat .
: me & my bitch ronnnieeeee !
gtf up out my facee w that hatin shitt !
yeahhhhh BONEYYY
: boney crystal & shit !