Hosein Ghazian

Ph.D. is an Iranian sociologist .He is here as an artist and photographer that interested in abstract and social photography
Hosein Ghazian
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Low angle view of airplane flying against blue sky
Close-up of car window
Close-up of wet glass window in rainy season
High angle view of computer keyboard
Scenic view of lake against sky
Tree by plants against sky
Reflection of plants in water
Reflection of building in lake
Bridge over lake in forest
Sailboats moored in sea against sky at night
Ducks swimming in lake
Low angle view of autumn leaves in lake against sky
Full frame shot of raindrops on glass window
Low angle view of building against sky
High angle view of snail on metal
Close-up of glass window against trees
High angle view of leaves floating on water
Rear view of a man sitting on boat
High angle view of duck swimming in lake
Side view of man standing on footpath
Water lilies floating on lake
High angle view of lake
High angle view of rippled water
Blurred motion of man riding bicycle in city
Low angle view of pink flowering plants by building
Close-up of girl eating food
High angle view of sea
Trees and buildings seen through glass window
Close-up of empty chairs on table
Tree against sky seen through wet window
Reflection of flowers in lake
Red brick wall of building
Low angle view of illuminated electric lamp
Water lily leaves floating on lake
Reflection of trees in lake
Bare tree by lake and buildings against sky
Reflection of trees on lake against sky
Close-up portrait of a girl
Reflection of people in city
Cute girl smiling while sitting on floor
High angle view of person on floor at home
High angle view of snow on wall
Illuminated buildings against sky at night
High angle view of vapor trails in sea against sky
Full frame shot of light trails against black background
High angle view of flowering plants by lake
Full frame shot of wet glass window in rainy season
High angle view of leaf floating on water
Full length of woman standing on field against sky
People walking on street in city during winter
Low angle view of buildings against clear blue sky