Lorenza D'Alessio


Lorenza D'Alessio
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human body part
studio shot
human body part
one person
High angle view of cityscape against sky
Close-up of boat sailing on sea
Low angle view of birds perching on cable
Close-up of hand touching shadow on window
Young woman standing at home
Close-up of young woman
Close-up of hands
Black dog sitting on floor
Reflection of sunglasses on mirror
Close-up of hand
Close-up of human hand
Close-up of computer
Man standing against stone wall
Woman photographing with camera
High angle view of city
Young woman in city
Portrait of man
Low angle view of man in city against sky
Bird flying over mountains against sky
Close-up of horse
Midsection of woman using mobile phone
Midsection of man holding camera
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up portrait of young woman
Built structure in water
Close-up of illuminated text
Low section of man standing on floor
Close-up of woman hand
People sitting at home
People on road in city
Rear view of man
Close-up of flowers on plant
Close-up of young woman
Rear view of woman walking in city
High angle view of people on motorcycle
Shadow of man on tiled floor
Low section of person with shadow on water
Close-up portrait of young woman
Man with umbrella in city against sky
Portrait of young woman
Woman with arms raised on beach
Low angle view of telephone on pole against clear sky
Man with umbrella against sky
Palm trees against sky during sunset
Men in corridor
Close up of floral pattern
Close-up of woman hand against sky
Close-up of man with arms raised
View of residential building
Midsection of man standing outdoors
Low angle view of woman standing in illuminated building
Low section of people walking on road
Full length of man with dog in city
Men in shopping mall
Close-up portrait of mature man at music concert
Rear view of man with arms outstretched
Close-up of umbrellas on beach
Empty chairs on sidewalk
Full length of man on beach
View of building in city
Low section of man on sidewalk
Close-up of car
Window in room
Shadow of people on street in city
High angle view of man standing in corridor
Midsection of man preparing food
Close-up portrait of man
Scenic view of mountains
High angle view of people at music concert
Woman in front of door
Portrait of woman smiling
Low section of people sitting on floor
Close-up of crab on pebbles at beach
Rear view of man sitting at home
Woman relaxing in town square
Rear view of woman walking on road in city
Rear view of people standing on beach
Full length of man standing against the sky
Man in town square
Low section of people on road
Rear view of a man
People in corridor of building
Full frame shot of building
Man on tree against sky
Statue against trees and building
Full length of girl standing outdoors
Clothes for sale at market stall
Low angle view of telephone on pole against clear sky
Low angle view of bird perching on cable

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