Chot Touch

Street Photographer from Kuala Lumpur.
Chot Touch
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Rear view of people walking on street
High angle view of car on road
Shadow of person on footpath
High angle view of beach
High angle view of road
Directly above shot of christmas tree against wall
Low section of man standing on puddle
Close-up of telephone booth on street in city
High angle view of electric lamp on table
Clothes drying against wall
Empty chairs and table against wall
Full frame shot of old building
View of a bus in restaurant
Rear view of man walking on street at night
Full frame shot of sea water
Close-up of birds
Close-up of fly on wall
High angle view of koi carps swimming in lake
Low angle view of bird perching on tree
Abandoned building by trees
Low angle view of flag on mountain against sky
High angle view of sea waves
High angle view of boat in lake
Low section of people on zebra crossing
Reflection of man in mirror
Woman swimming in water against sky
Close-up of bread and coffee on table
Close-up of lizard
Close-up high angle view of sunlight
High angle view of bird on floor
Low section of woman standing on sidewalk
Low section of boy standing on yellow umbrella
Cat sitting in car
Full length of man
Close-up of yellow road
Low section of woman walking on zebra crossing
Zebra crossing on street
Close-up of arrow symbol
High angle view of lizard on leaf
Shadow of man on woman
Rear view of woman walking in corridor of building
Man sitting outdoors
Close-up of built structure
Low section of man walking on wet road
Close-up of multi colored pencils on table
High angle view of ball on grassland against sky
Rear view of man
Shadow on road
Low section of people walking outdoors
Full length of man
High angle view of multi colored umbrella
Low angle view of birds perching against clear sky
Close-up of man hand
Low section of people walking on cobblestone street
Low angle view of silhouette man standing in corridor
Low section of people against building
Low section of man wearing shoes
Close-up of horse against sky
Insect on fabric
Woman with umbrella standing on tiled floor
Man in illuminated room
Close-up of woman