Springtime Decadence

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Springtime Decadence
Your Mission
It's time to rethink spring visuals.
To follow up from our Visual Trend Report 2019 we are challenging you to re-approach our – Visual Decadence. We want to see your interpretation of the photographic style by capturing the spring season with a new, and more dramatic narrative.
Forget soft pastel palettes and minimalism often associated with the season. Show us the rich and dramatic colors that come into bloom at this time of year, your springtime adventure stories, indulgent moments and golden hour escapades.
The winner will be invited to to contribute to EyeEm Magazine for our upcoming editorial feature! We want to showcase the outstanding work of our creative community, and so this is your opportunity to share your insights and amazing work!
Make sure you EyeEm Profile is looking fresh and updated with your latest photography, and upload you favorite Springtime Decadence photo to catch our editors' eye!
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The Prize

We are looking for photographers, filmmakers and all around creative thinkers for an upcoming feature on EyeEm Magazine!