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How Do You Feel?
Your Mission
Calling all photographers between 11-18 years old! We’re using our Missions to support Show and Tell in their approach to young people’s mental health. If you’re in that age-group, or you know a photographer that is, then it couldn’t be easier to get involved!
Head to the Show and Tell website to practice new skills with their therapeutic photography tasks. Then select a word that defines how you are feeling, visualize this in a single photograph and submit your image to this Mission for your chance to get selected for the Show and Tell exhibition.
To increase your chances of being selected, use the ‘image caption’ to tell us more about your image and what feeling you think it could represent
About Show and Tell: Show and Tell is a UK-based creative project, which encourages 11-18-year-olds to express how they feel through photography. Brought to you by The Photography Movement, in partnership with EyeEm, Cisco Webex, Mental Health UK, Getty Images, and Constance. Find out more at:
Basic Entry Requirements:
- Only submit photos if you’re a UK-based photographer under the age of 18 years old
- All photographers under the age of 18 years must get consent from a legal guardian
- Any images featuring a person below the age of 18 years old must have signed model release from the person featured
- Any image featuring a person below the age of 16 years old must have a signed model release from the parent/legal guardian of the person featured
Full Show and Tell terms and conditions can be read via the following link:
What's a Mission? Learn more here
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The Prize

UK Photographers Under 18 Years Will Get Chosen For The Show & Tell Exhibition!

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