Creative Trends Initiative - Localized Perspectives
Hosted by EyeEm
Up to 20 pieces of work will receive $500.
photo Mission
Creative Trends Initiative - Localized Perspectives
The Recap
***Only new photography not previously on the EyeEm Marketplace were eligible to participate in this mission.***
The purpose of this brief was to bring our global community of creatives together. We asked our community to think of it as us wanting to get to know your world through your high-quality photographic art, and that only you could tell us what your surroundings are, and so we entrusted you with the power to shape what we see.
We challenged you to show us what life is like for you, what are your experiences like today compared to how they may have been ten years ago, or how they will be in ten years time?
This is what we were looking for: Capture the today and capture the now.
Human stories are culturally-specific and multifaceted, with the power to forge real connections when told from unique points of view. Truly inclusive representation sensitively portrays – and actively involves – local communities with individual perspectives, and that’s exactly what you can get when the photography stems directly from the communities.
We hand over the baton to you in order to enrich our purview of the world. It is about growing and offering brands a real and authentic representation of your environment. As artists, you are capable of shaping our view of the world, by providing photography that reflects true moments captured in your local perspective. We are asking you to provide photos that showcase unique perspectives, clear points of views and show us real moments.
Prize Details

The Prize

Each photographer has a chance to be one of twenty selected creatives who receive $500, and be featured in our marketplace to earn more royalties through licensed downloads.