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Where would we be without windows in our homes? Windows let the sunshine into our lives and sweep away the darkness. The architecture of windows is greatly appreciated by the photographers at EyeEm, and their admiration is reflected in the window pictures on EyeEm Market. Window images taken from automobiles, ancient ruins, or all-powerful modern skyscrapers and so much more can be found on EyeEm Market.

Picture a window - the most spectacular one you can imagine. What are you thinking of? Maybe it’s a grandiose stained glass window image with biblical figures staring down at worshipers? One of the most remarkable windows in the world is in a Romanesque Church in Augsburg, deep in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Its windows like these, that demand windows images be recorded and shared with the international community.

Windows have always been a source of inspiration for designers, artists, and architects alike. Take the Scottish multi-disciplinarian Charles Rennie Macintosh; his Art Nouveau movement produced magnificent water color windows, the spirit of which the photographers at EyeEm capture in their window photos. Our window images offer you a chance to see how time, style, and circumstance have transformed how windows are built around the world.

Getting hold of the right window images couldn’t be easier with EyeEm. All of the window pictures on EyeEm Market are royalty-free and ready to jump straight off EyeEm Market and into your project – all you have to do is find the window pictures that work best for you and your project, pay a one-off fee, and then enjoy your new window pictures!