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Snowy and Sweet: Indulge Your Inner Winter-lover with EyeEm Snowflake Pics

It’s not winter until you see the first snowflake, but if you don’t want to wait for the first snow, hit EyeEm now and take a quick look at our collection of winter-inspired pics. The cool file-sharing platform allows you to download or post pics of wintertime motifs edited with the help of special effects and filters, so it is no wonder our image collection is growing fast. Right now, the EyeEm photography stock contains over 60 million pics, organized across categories, and you can access them royalty-free – or even contribute with your own masterpieces by becoming one of more than 15 million happy EyeEm members.

EyeEm is a favorite gathering place for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike, and our image collection is increasing daily, thanks to fresh contributions. And with the snowy season approaching fast, it is the perfect time to start printing out snowflake decorations for your home and office - so go ahead and browse the EyeEm stock ASAP!

Don’t wait for winter to come knocking on your door this Christmas - bring it into your office or home using EyeEm snowflake motifs. And, should inspiration strike, create your own snowflake images for other Christmas fans to pick and scatter around their homes. Winter will be here soon – snowflakes are already multiplying here at EyeEm!

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