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Smile, you are on EyeEm camera!

However dull or difficult life may be at times, you should never lose your smile – if for no other reason, then at least because smiles look better in pictures than frowning faces. Smile your way through EyeEm’s stock of happy faces: in our community, quality images and joy are a given – but there is much more besides.

As a member of the 15-million-strong EyeEm community, you can make use of 24 different filters and visual effects to enhance your masterpieces before you share them with the rest of the world. If you need inspiration, you can access all the images featured in our hundreds of cool collections and download the items you like without having to worry about copyright matters. EyeEm also allows you to compete and win cool prizes, so keep an eye out for our annual contests and apply if you think your photographs of different smiles meet the highest photographic standards.

Keep smiling! You never know if an EyeEm photographer is watching you, waiting to capture your lovely smile on film!

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